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proxSafe® - Key management & Smart storage systems

Building of the University of Vienna

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in the German speaking region and one of the largest educational institutions in Central Europe. Since its foundation in 1365, it has offered a progressive and attractive environment for teaching and research. Around 92,000 students and 9,700 employees study, teach and perform research at Austria‘s largest university, whose scientific institutes and administration are spread across more than 60 locations in Vienna. To protect people, valuables and real estate in this environment and, at the same, time to reduce the administrative effort, security management relies on deister electronic‘s many years of experience in key management.


prison Vechta

JVA Vechta

Electronic locker system at Vechta Prison. Security in prisons is primarily ensured by the spatial structure and walls, which is supplemented by technical measures. In the course of the expansion of a new reception area, the old mechanical key management system was replaced by an electronic one.

Building of the Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel Hamburg

In the Radisson Blu Hotel at Hamburg airport, a modern electronic key management system supplied by the RFID specialists deister electronic is providing more security, efficiency, and transparency in the handling of mechanical keys.




As Europe's first security company and with around 5,400 employees one of the largest security service providers in Germany, Niedersächsische Wach- und Schliessgesellschaft/VSU has invested heavily.

Key removal at key cabinet

Polite Leuven

Leuven is the capital of the province of flemish brabant in the flemish region, it covers 56.63 km² and has 91.000 citizens. The Local Police force performs the “basic police function” and carries out at least six basic missions: district policing, reception, intervention, aid to victims, local investigation and public order.


AboWind energy plants

AboWind energy plants

Modern wind energy plants are high-tech in perfection. Nevertheless, access to them still takes place with conventional keys. The consequences are intrusions or - in the worst case - serious personal injuries. A digital access control system replaces the conventional keys and offers full control, for example for qualification-dependent access rights or remote unlocking as well as an alarm feature.


keypanel with keys

Jan Yperman hospital

Jan Yperman Hospital, located in Ieper, is a merger of three smaller hospitals and provides high-quality multidisciplinary medical specialists to meet the needs of patients in the region. The hospital has 569 beds and employs nearly 1,000 people.


Louis II Stadium in Monaco from above

Louis II Stadium in Monaco

Stadiums are enormously large buildings - for this reason alone it is sometimes extremely difficult to keep track of them. In the Monegasque stadium Louis II there are about 900 keys - for basketball, handball, football and indoor swimming pools, fitness studios as well as changing and storage rooms. This challenge can only be met with a trusted key management solution. deister electronic´s proxSafe flexx system was chosen.


teXtag® - Textile management

Leverkusen Hospital

Leverkusen Hospital

There are no longer long waits at the laundry counter at Leverkusen Hospital. Since January, nurses, doctors and cooks have been helping themselves in the "texRoom". Behind this is an RFID system that automatically records which items the employees pick up.


German red Cross Schwenningen

DRK Schwenningen

Cumbersome administrative tasks and inefficient small details in the management of uniforms and workwear are even more important when they get in the way of such essential tasks and unnecessarily tie up already scarce time and resources.

Care team Caselato

Care team Caselato

The modern textile management from deister electronic ensures the efficient use of high-quality workwear for Ulrike Caselato's care team.

yellow shoe vending machine

adidas Runners

The well-known sports goods manufacturer has set up the world’s first test shoe vending machine for the adidas Runners Community in Vienna; special transponders and UHF readers from deister electronic ensure the running shoes are correctly identified and returned.


tranSpeed® - Long-range identification

Scherbauer Spedition company premises from above

Spedition Scherbauer

Scherbauer is a renowned forwarding company in Eastern Bavaria that relies on system integrator primion Technology for the identification of tractor units, trailers and swap bodies – and on intelligent long-range solutions from deister electronic.


proxEntry® - Online access control reader

Card is held in front of reader

Wiener Wohnen

Together with Vienna-based ACONDA systems GmbH, the Regensburg system house GemiTeam GmbH has developed a complete electronic access control and booking system for laundry rooms in all the apartment blocks managed by Wiener Wohnen Haus- & Außenbetreuung GmbH. Each RFID reader was pre-tested by deister electronic and shipped with consistently high quality.


amanTag® - Personal safety

Nurse examining baby

St. Vincenz Hospital

Over and over again there have been attempts to kidnap newborns. To prevent the personal loss of those involved as well as the resulting loss of reputation and financial damage to the hospital, a security system was included in the planning of the newborn ward in the St. Vincenz Hospital in Datteln.


Sign Jobcentre Copenhagen

Jobcentre Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen was confronted with increased aggressive behaviour by Jobcentre clients. This resulted in a rapidly growing number of sick leaves from emplo-yees who felt threatened or attacked. The City of Copen-hagen took action to reduce employee absence and in-itiated the first project in a new job centre in downtown Copenhagen. As part of this project, the city needed to find solutions to improve the working environment and give employees the feeling of being safer in their own working environment.


Dynamo youth centre

Dynamo youth centre

The behaviour of visitors in social hotspots is often affected by increased risk of aggression due to alcohol or drug consumption. This may escalate within a very short time and get out of control. In such cases, employees of the Dynamo youth entertainment centre quickly feel no longer safe without it becoming clear that an aggressive situation is already approaching. The Dynamo youth entertainment centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, therefore decided to equip the entire centre with the latest security solutions, especially to ensure the protection of its employees.


logident® - Industrial identification

Room with barrels in the Digital wine press hall Kitzingen

Winegrowers' Association Kitzingen GWF

One of the most modern wine press halls in Europe is located in the Franconian town of Kitzingen. During the season, several hundred tonnes of grapes are processed there every day. Around 2000 grape containers need to be managed, stored and tracked. For this reason, the Winzergemeinschaft Franken eG (GWF) attached great importance to digitalisation already during the construction of the hall. The project was assigned to the digitisation specialist ENTIAC, which relies on hardware from deister electronic.

Building of Nolte Küchen

Nolte Küchen

Nolte Küchen is the second largest kitchen brand in Germany. A focus on a consistent corporate philosophy has made Nolte Küchen a high-performing, innovative company since its foundation in 1958. The company with 1.100 employees is synonymous with top-quality kitchens that are designed and manufactured in Germany. Approximately 700 tailor-made kitchens are manufactured every day.

biTech® - Waste management

Body antenna is mounted on rubbish truck

Contena Ochsner

The Contena-Ochsner AG has been a leading provider of waste disposal technology in the EU for 40 and 170 years, respectively. The merger of the two Swiss companies, Contena Handels AG and J. Ochsner AG, ensures that our waste is properly disposed of through their refuse collection and sweeping machines. The digitization of this process has been a crucial step in ensuring demand-driven waste disposal and increasing the planning reliability of waste collection.


Rubbish truck from Bremer waste management

Bremen‘s Waste Management

Nowadays, waste disposal is a high-tech industry. This not only applies to the separation and producing energy from waste, but also to the collection of household waste. In many regions, the frequency of emptying is recorded in order to charge fees in accordance with the causation principle. This means that a household pays its waste fees depending on the actual emptyings.


vanLoxx® - Vehicle Locking System

Cargo Bike der Firma Götze Fahrlogistik

Automatic Vehicle Locking System

The Fahrlogistik Götze GmbH, located in 09405 Zschopau, is a reputable logistics company specializing in the punctual and efficient delivery of packages and goods. According to Managing Director Jan Götze, a significant challenge lies in urban delivery, where cargo bikes serve as an environmentally friendly and flexible alternative.

Connected Systems

Building of Hoffnungsgemeinde Barsinghausen

Hoffnungsgemeinde Barsinghausen

To improve the effectiveness, transparency and security of their work processes, the Hoffnungsgemeinde Community Centre in Barsinghausen has opted for modern key management and intelligent access control from deister electronic.


Men chatting at the table

Hafven Hanover

The Hafven – Hanover’s innovative, combined co-working space with its Maker Area – relies on an intelligent and comprehensive single source security solution from deister electronic. It keeps out unauthorised persons without restricting the creative community’s freedom of movement.


Building of ECG Hanover

ECG Hanover

An intelligent, user-friendly access control and key management system from deister electronic provides increased safety and transparency in the community centre of the Evangelical Christian Church (ECG) in Hanover.


Company premises of the NWSG


Here, the course is set for the future: As the first security company in Europe and one of the largest security service providers in Germany with around 5,400 employees, Niedersächsische Wach- und Schliessgesellschaft/VSU has invested heavily.


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