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Automated Textile Management

RFID laundry dispensing system - ideal for laundry dispensing and return of pool laundry, workwear and uniforms.


Automated, centralized and decentralized textile management

Efficient laundry management for workwear and pool laundry

For laundries, hospitals and care facilities as well as in the industrial sector, supplying employees with workwear, pool laundry and uniforms is often a challenge.

With the teXtag® textile management solution, you can automate the issue, return and management of pool linen, workwear and uniforms and map the entire textile cycle. Both centralised and decentralised issue and return of clothing, the transportation of used workwear to the laundry and the delivery of fresh garments.

Individually planned room solutions that work like a walk-in closet. When employees enter and leave the supply room, their clothing is automatically registered and accounted for by RFID readers inside the revolving doors.

The intelligent locker systems allow for the decentralised issue and return of textiles, thus reducing staff commuting times enormously.

  • Enormous cost savings through inventory optimization
  • 24 / 7 availability of laundry stocks
  • Reduction of shrinkage and loss of garments
  • Permanent inventory and transparency in the complete laundry cycle

"The registration of laundry means that each user only removes the clothes to which he or she is entitled. This eliminates the hoarding of laundry."

Peter Kettig, Project manager Berendsen GmbH West


"The lockers now unobtrusively relieve [the DRK Schwenningen] of annoying administrative work in the background and ensure continuous as well as reliable availability of service and emergency clothing."

Heiko Knickrehm, On-call leader at the DRK Ortsverein Schwenningen e.V.


" If a pair of pants doesn't come back, for example, the system shows who borrowed them. So I always know where which laundry is."

Jürgen Göddecke, Managing Director Klinikum Leverkusen


"Now I don't have to worry about the whole laundry management area and can use my precious time for my core business."

Ulrike Caselato, Managing director of the Pflegeteam Caselato


"The positive is that the time of the garment removal process has been significantly reduced compared to other systems or to previous times."

Peter Hübner, Head of Transport and Logistics Business Unit Klinikum Lüneburg


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Nurse holding laundry in her hand
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Cabinet systems for decentralized dispensing and returns

TCD 200 (Dispense)TCR 50 (Return)TCR 200 (Return)TCR 250 (Return)TCR 300 (Return)
TCD 200 dispensing cabinet

TCD 200 (Dispense)

Dispensing cabinet

With its dimensions of 610 x 2052 x 520 mm (W x H x D), the compact TCD 200 laundry dispenser cabinet is suitable for just about any space. The TCD 200 can accommodate around 200 garments.

Each cabinet has a built-in access reader, so users can authorize themselves immediately. Simply hold the RFID card up to the access reader and remove the laundry in less than 5 seconds. Access authorizations are easily managed via software.

All textag® dispense cabinets

TCR 50 return cabinet

TCR 50 (Return)

Return cabinet

With its dimensions of 610 x 2052 x 520 mm (W x H x D), the TCR 50 is particularly well suited for spaces where space is limited and still offers best usability. It is suitable for laundry bags. The cabinet has space for about 50 pieces of laundry.

To return laundry, the user simply drops the laundry items into the opening of the return cabinet. The laundry is automatically detected by the cabinet's built-in UHF reader, as there are transponders in the garments. When the laundry bag is full, it can be changed in a few easy steps.

All textag® return cabinets

TCR 200 return cabinet

TCR 200 (Return)

Return cabinet

The TCR 200 return cabinet is often used in larger premises where there are many users. Its dimensions of 1300 x 2145 x 1031 mm (W x H x D) make it well suited for larger mesh containers. The wardrobe can hold around 200 garments.

To return garments, the user simply drops the items into the opening of the return unit. The transponders attached to the garments are immediately recognised by the built-in UHF reader in the cabinet. If the cabinet is full, the mesh container can be changed quickly and easily.

All textag® return cabinets

TCR 250 return cabinet

TCR 250 (Return)

Return cabinet

The TCR 250 return cabinet is often used in larger premises where there are many users. Its dimensions of 1300 x 2283 x 1031 mm (W x H x D) make it well suited for large mesh containers. The cabinet can fit around 250 garments.

Users can simply drop the laundry items into unit. The height of the flap can be adjusted in 3 positions, and there is also the option of locking the flap electronically and releasing it using an ID card and reader.  The laundry transponders attached to the laundry items are automatically identified by the built-in UHF reader in the cabinet. If the cabinet is full, the mesh container can be changed quickly and easily.

All textag® return cabinets

TCR 300 return cabinet

TCR 300 (Return)

Return cabinet

The TCR 300 return cabinet is also often used in larger premises where there are many users.. It differs from the TCR 250 in its dimensions of 1300 x 2283 x 1731 mm (W x H x D) but is well suited for large, deep mesh containers. The cabinet volume allows for the return of approximately 300 garments.

The garments can be easily returned via the height-adjustable flap, offering 3 height positions. As an option, it is also possible to lock the flap electronically and release it via ID card and reader. The laundry transponders are automatically identified via the built-in UHF reader. When the cabinet is full, the mesh container inside can be changed quickly and easily.

All textag® return cabinets

Gates & Airlocks

Access to the central laundry room



Revolving door for entering and leaving the texRoom

The tamper-proof revolving door for entering and leaving the texRoom identifies each user by means of an RFID credential. All  textiles taken by the user are detected in just 5 seconds when leaving through the revolving door and the system automatically posts them to the user account. The revolving door has an emergency stop switch, which allows the brakes to be released and the texRoom to be exited at any time. The same happens in case of a power failure.

All textag® gates & airlocks



Fresh workwear delivery

The transferGate is a gate to the texRoom which ensures that all textiles equipped with transponders are automatically identified and added to the inventory. The transferGate is activated via a motion detector or an access control reader as soon as someone approaches the gate with a laundry container. A green illuminated LED bar signals that the airlock is active and can be entered. This ensures that all textiles are detected. The transferGate can be used with all common mesh conatiners. It does not use any components that require maintenance. An air-permeable roof ensures good air quality in the transferGate at all times.

All textag® gates & airlocks

texPortal mit offenen Türen


Exit and loading gate

The flapGate is an exit and loading gate for the texRoom. In the gate, it is ensured that withdrawals by users and loads by personnel are reliably identified and accounted for. Users can exit the texRoom through the flapGate. Removed garments are automatically recorded and booked to the user account. If the user´s quota is exceeded, the flapGate can refuse to leave the room if a user is obviously hoarding workwear or wants to supply his colleagues at the same time. Likewise, the loading personnel can enter the room with laundry containers, for example, and book clothing into the room stock. It is placed directly at an entrance/exit door to the loading room, the permissions to open this door are controlled by the flapGate. On the room side, a flexible motorized curtain controls access. Built-in LED bars easily signal access authorization to users.

  • All-in-one solution for loading and as an exit gate
  • Requires little space
  • Integrates seamlessly into the teXtag® product family
  • High user throughput

All textag® gates & airlocks

Self-Service stations

Manual input and status queries

texCheck Booking station


Booking station

The texCheck is a supplementary terminal for manual check-in and check-out of garments. Up to 10 textiles can be manually checked in or out of the system.

All textag® self-service stations

texInfo info terminal


Info terminal for user account overview

The texInfo terminal provides a user account overview. The user simply identifies himself via RFID credential and then receives an overview of his available quota and the clothing that is currently booked on his account.

All textag® self-service stations


Booking fresh clothes on delivery



Registration of fresh clothes

Fresh laundry can be booked in at the texLoad station. For this purpose, the fresh laundry is registered at the texLoad station and placed in a trolley for transport either to the laundry storage or laundry distribution area. As soon as the trolley is filled, the registered laundry in the respective trolley is linked to the trolley transponder.

As soon as the trolley arrives at the storage area, only the trolley transponder is recorded and the garments linked to it are booked into the inventory accordingly. This is done via the trolleyScan.

  • Reliable, simple registration of fresh laundry
  • Simple, clear process


Identification of fresh clothes

The trolleys with the garments linked to the trolley transponders are registered by the trolleyScan and booked accordingly. Most of the time, the trolleyScan is located in the texRoom so that the laundry is automatically booked as soon as the trolley is pushed into the texRoom.

Just push the trolley into the room and it is booked automatically - it couldn't be easier.

  • Reliable simple booking
  • Automatic process without manual steps

Commander Connect Software

Central management software

GeneralUser accountsItem managementReports
screen with logo commander connect logo


Commander Connect

The basic version of Commander Connect includes all necessary functions, device licenses and areas for a simple system. From there, additional device licenses and expansion modules can be used to extend the software to fit your system.

  • User management (single users, groups, etc.)
  • Device administration
  • Basic article management
  • Workflows to automate the system
  • Basic reports


Nurses get new laundry

User accounts

Commander Connect

Precise policies can be set per user or per user group. The individual user accounts show the account balances at any time, which provide information about the consumption and the available quotas. As an admin, you can see exactly who has withdrawn or returned what and when. You can flexibly set limits so that your clothing stock is used according to your wishes and all employees always have enough workwear available.

You can also control who is allowed to remove their workwear from which issue cabinets or in which laundry rooms. In this way, you can also ensure that there are no queues in front of the issue point and that your employees have the shortest possible walking distances.

  • Individual accounts per employee
  • Flexible withdrawal limits
  • Admin functions in case employees overdraw their account
  • Control who can withdraw how much and from where
Colourful laundry in the hospital

Item management

Commander Connect

Garments are created as articles in the database and can be specified precisely depending on the available data, e.g. by size, color, material, etc. In addition, it is possible to create meaningful article groups to make the allocation and evaluation clear and simple.

Authorizations (which user is allowed to pick what?) can be defined very precisely. In addition to the assignment of which articles may be removed, it is also possible to define where the articles may be removed. For example, it can be precisely set that a user group is only allowed to take their clothes from the issue cabinets in their station.

  • Group items and specify them precisely
  • Reduce authorizations to specific locations
  • Monitor user accounts
  • Block output when users exceed quotas
screen with commander connect software


Commander Connect

Flexible reports allow you to evaluate targeted data so you can determine exactly the results you want. Have reports sent to you automatically, or displayed with real-time data in the deisterCockpit. From general inventory to overview (what is currently in returns), all data is available at the touch of a button - even logical queries such as comparing ACTUAL and TARGET inventories, allowing you to derive direct recommendations for action.

  • Flexible reports, individually adjustable
  • Logical queries and comparisons
  • Automatic reports and real-time reports live

Benefits of our solution

Nurse removes laundry

In the fast lane

quick, simple and efficient

Our teXtag® solution is the only system that allows parallel access for multiple users and does not require a complicated touch display - open, take out, close and away you go.

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Years of continuous use

The real costs of a system become apparent once it has been in use for a while - leading to much higher costs if the products break down quickly or perform poorly. Highest quality and innovation are our core competences. Highest quality and innovation are our core competencies. This is what we stand for as a company for over 40 years.


Plan of a texroom from above

Consulting & Planning

Your individual solution

From delivery and distribution of fresh clothing to returning and cleaning of used garments in the laundry - we are happy to support you in the individual planning and implementation stages of a laundry distribution system that exactly fits your needs and allows for transparent laundry management.

With teXtag®, we focus on maximum user-friendliness, reliable identification of garments and wearers and a very small footprint.

Test the user-friendliness and performance of our textile management solution live in our demo room - at any time. You can operate and test all products and applications of the solution yourself - from the revolving door and the airlock to the dispensing and return cabinets.

Please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation and demo!




All References
Hospital Leverkusen

Klinikum Leverkusen

Long waiting times at the laundry distribution are a thing of the past at Leverkusen Hospital. Since January, nurses, doctors and cooks are utilizing the "texRoom" to supply themselves with workwear. An RFID system automatically detects which items the employees pick up.

All References
german red cross Schwenningen

DRK Schwenningen

The DRK's laundry pool of several hundred polo shirts, trousers and sweatshirts in various sizes is now stored in three laundry cabinets from the teXtag® series.

All References
Witten Herdecke Dental Clinic Building

Zahnklinik Witten

Berendsen GmbH West, based in Hagen, is a full-service textile supplier for the healthcare sector. With its convenient textile service, the company takes over the complete laundry supply of hospitals, clinics, retirement homes etc. in the middle of Germany.



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