application photo card is held against digital lock

Electronic Locking Systems

Cylinders, fittings, locks, and numerous other designs of electronic locking components. Secure, high-quality, and Made in Germany.

Offline locking systems

A modern key replacement

Using the doorLoxx® electronic locking system, transitioning from a conventional locking system with mechanical keys to a fully-fledged electronic access control system has become much easier and cost-effective. Installation is straightforward and doors are not damaged. There is no need for complex wiring. The digital locking components are battery-operated and exchange data via airLink®.

The electronic locking components are available in different formats, e.g. as a cylinder or digital handle. The portfolio includes updaters, controllers and online readers that link the locking components to the system. Full scalability allows both standalone operation of a system without PC software and the use of Commander Connect featuring all the performance characteristics of professional access control systems.

application photo card is held against digital lock
Transponder is held on digital cylinder
digital safe behind wire mesh fence
Brown door with digital handle
smartphone with lock screen is held on locker
doot with digital handle
Card in front of access control system

Offline locking components

Electronic fittingElectronic cylinderElectronic lockElectronic door control moduleElectronic cabinet lockElectronic safe
Digital door fitting with RFID

Electronic fitting

Suitable for every door

With its slim and simple design, the digital fitting suits any door. The handle can be selected from four different models, depending on its use on solid or tubular frame doors. For installation, the same drill holes can be used as for a conventional fitting.

The cover plate allows for parallel use of the existing cylinder for secure door locking or elegant covering of the cylinder opening. The exchangeable cover plate enables adaptation to doors with a wide range of distances between handle and cylinder. The Digital Handle adapts perfectly to any door.

  • Suitable for every door
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Additional mechanical locking cylinder (optional)
  • Simple battery change
Digital cylinder with RFID

Electronic cylinder

The modern lock of the future

Just like a mechanical cylinder, the electronic cylinder can be installed in just a few steps. No drilling or other modifications to the door are required because the design is identical. The basic cylinder bodies can be ordered in five different installation lengths, including a half cylinder, and can also be adjusted in length directly during installation using spacers, meaning that the length can be adjusted in 5 mm steps from 30/30 to 45/75.

  • Installation length can still be adjusted during installation
  • Best quality made in Germany
  • Fast reading speed
Digital lock with RFID

Electronic lock

Security meets design

The digital lock is designed for self-locking locks and combines security with design. Its sleek design can be discreetly combined with the door handle design and offers maximum freedom in choosing shape and colour.

In addition, the digital lock offers more security because neither damage nor forceful removal of the housing or electronics allow access to the locking mechanism inside the door.

  • Maximum freedom of design
  • More security
  • Different designs to suit any door
Door with built-in reader in the wall

Electronic door control module

The WCU 2 digital door control module offers the same range of functions as online access control and at the same time all the benefits of offline access control components. The WCU 2 is permanently powered and can be wirelessly integrated into an access control system. Optionally, the door contact, alarms and door buzzer can be controlled via two inputs and outputs. A reader can be connected and is located on the outside of the door.

  • Online functionality with the benefits of offline access control
  • Compact dimensions for easy installation
  • Existing components can be reused
Digital cabinet lock with RFID

Electronic cabinet lock

For lockers or wardrobes

Secure storage of valuables in lockers or wardrobes - with deister electronic's reliable and electronic lock for lockers and furniture. The elegant and timeless electronic lock does not require any cables, can be installed quickly and can also be centrally managed with ease thanks to our Commander Connect software. Nothing stands in the way of connecting the lock and integrating it into professional building and asset management software.

In addition to common reading technologies such as MIFARE® DESFire and LEGIC®, the lock also supports BluetoothTM, which allows it to be opened with a mobile phone - it couldn't be any more convenient to use. In addition, the patent-pending power management system allows a battery life of up to 60,000 activations, which is twice as long as most other locker locks on the market.

So if you are looking for a furniture lock that can be used individually, is rugged and has an energy management system that is second to none, then there is no way around deister electronic's DCL 3 digital lock.

  • Supports all common reading technologies 
  • Long battery life of up to 60,000 activations
  • Different levers 
  • Elegant design
  • Easy installation
Digital safe

Electronic safe

Weatherproof storage of valuables

The battery-operated Digital Safe is a rugged key safe for outdoor and indoor use. Its weatherproof IP65 housing is suitable for any weather. The Digital Safe is opened contactlessly with an access card or via an app - the reading technology can be freely selected and all popular reading technologies such as MIFARE®, NFC™ or Bluetooth® are supported. This means that the Digital Safe can also be seamlessly integrated into an existing access control system and can be opened with the same credentials. The Digital Safe can also be flush mounted, providing the best possible mechanical protection. Weather impacts are also minimised by this type of installation.

  • 70 mm diameter
  • Enough space for ISO cards and large bunches of keys
  • Independent of local IT infrastructure 
  • Standalone capable
  • Weatherproof IP65 metal housing
  • Content monitoring

Wireless connectivity

airLink® moduleairLink® USB stick
airLink® module

airLink® module

airLink® is a wireless solution for integrating digital locking components into the system. A clever energy management system ensures very low battery consumption. All data is secured with 128-bit AES encryption. Inside buildings, ranges of up to 30 m can be achieved, and outdoors up to 100 m.

  • No cables required
  • Transmission of real-time events
  • Application based operating modes
black airLink® USB stick

airLink® USB stick

Using the wireless USB stick, the service software connects to the battery-operated readers. New devices can be configured or settings can be changed during operation.

  • No driver required
  • Configure and test devices directly on site
Elektronischer Türbeschlag kommuniziert per Funk mit airLink Modul

Various operating modes

The individual locking components in the electronic locking system can be integrated into the system in various ways to meet the project's requirements:


Real-time Integration - DOC

The locking components are permanently connected via wireless communication, enabling real-time functionality from the online access control. With the DOC integration, the door can be remotely locked or unlocked. The system displays activities at the door in real-time.


Cardnet Integration - OSS and DCN "deisterCardnet"

Data is not stored and updated in the locking components but on the identification medium. This allows for a cost-effective design of the electronic locking system, as there is no need for gateways for wireless connections, including cables. We support both the OSS and our own DCN standard, which offers extended functionality compared to OSS.


Standalone Mode - "deisterLocalData"

All data is stored locally in the electronic locking component. This operating mode allows the use of all popular identification media, is easy to use, and is especially suitable for smaller systems.



community centre barsinghausen building

Hoffnungsgemeinde Barsinghausen

In order to improve efficiency, transparency and workflow safety in the community centre, the Hoffnungsgemeinde Barsinghausen relies on a modern key management and an intelligent access control system from deister electronic.



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