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Intelligent Waste Management

RFID system for intelligent waste management, either factory-installed on collection vehicles or retrofitted.


biTech® - Smart cities need smart waste logistics

The intelligent solution in waste identification

The waste disposal and recycling industry has embraced Industry 4.0 technologies through automated vehicles, smart waste containers, and efficient recycling facilities. The use of chipped waste bins, mobile applications, and software solutions for route optimization facilitates daily operations, making processes faster, more transparent, and efficient. Resource conservation, as well as time and cost savings, are the main focus.

On-board computers, identification systems, and efficient weighing areas form the standard repertoire of a modern waste management company, providing cost and performance transparency to consumers and waste disposal companies. They also provide important incentives for waste prevention and the separation of valuable resources.

The increasing connectivity through waste apps and smart bins significantly drives demand-oriented waste disposal, leading to more efficient processes and improved planning security. This strengthens the competitiveness of companies and offers new growth opportunities. Digital documents will shape the future of waste management, and the digitization of waste disposal continues to progress.

Benefits for waste disposal companies and municipalities:

  • Transparency in logistics and finances
  • Cost savings / proof of disposal
  • Expansion of services
  • Only paid services are fulfilled (blacklist)
  • Secure investments through modular construction
  • Cost and performance transparency to consumers and waste disposal companies
  • Easier information provision to consumers
  • Prevention of unauthorized waste disposal
  • Improved acceptance of notifications
  • Analysis for future fees Incentives for waste prevention and guidance for the separation of valuable resources

"The transition to the new system has resulted in a smooth and significantly more cost-effective performance-based waste disposal process."

rubbish truckof the Bremen waste management
Cut-out of a rubbish bin being emptied
Rubbish truck collects rubbish
Data collector is held in front of the transponder of a rubbish bin
Rubbish truck from behind with a rubbish man


LFR 4 universal readerTHH handheldTSU 200 long-range reader
grey LFR 4 reader

LFR 4 universal reader

LF reader for BiTech® antennas

The LFR 4 reads disposal containers with HDX and FDX transponders, identifying transponder numbers and antenna identifiers. The captured data is transferred to tablets or the onboard computer.

The auto-trim function ensures quick installation and immediate system readiness. Up to 4 antennas can be connected if needed. The auto-trim function allows for the mixed use of various tooth and body antennas.

The reader is designed for rugged use and is resistant to electrical interference and metallic environments.

THH handheld and BCH Vehicle holder

THH handheld

LF, HF, UHF & Barcode Data Collection

The Quadro Handheld is the latest generation of rugged handheld scanners. It features LF, HF, and UHF reading technologies, making it the ideal all-rounder for daily work tasks.

Optionally, a fourth reading technology, a QR/barcode scanner, can be retrofitted. The data can be effortlessly read out via USB, Bluetooth®, or airLink® interfaces. A special vehicle mount is available for use in vehicles.

black TSU 200 long-range reader

TSU 200 long-range reader

Long-range, robust design, IP67

The TSU readers impress with their robust aluminum die-cast housing in a compact design. The reader and antenna are integrated into a single housing, perfectly calibrated at the factory.

The reader features an integrated auto-trim function, which optimizes the range up to 7m depending on the placement and orientation of the transponders. The operating status is indicated by a highly visible LED display. All connections on the reader are designed as M12 connectors.


AZF tooth antennaABF body antennaASF Rear Comb Antenna
AZF tooth antenna

AZF tooth antenna

Perfect reading range, direct mounting

The tooth antenna has a reading range of up to 5 cm and offers high mechanical stability with stainless steel protectors and glass-fiber reinforced material. By mounting directly on the comb structure, the installation location is predefined.

The tooth antenna ensures fast and reliable reading of HDX or FDX transponders, regardless of the lifter or containers.

ABF body antenna

ABF body antenna

Reliable detection, optimal reading range

All disposal containers with HDX and FDX transponders are identified quickly and reliably.

When combined with the LFR 4 reader with auto-trim function, it ensures quick installation and immediate system readiness. The reading range of up to 20 cm, when used with the TBF 134 transponder, is ideal for identifying plastic or metal containers.


ASF Rear Comb Antenna

ASF Rear Comb Antenna

Superior Reading Performance in a Compact Design

The rear comb antenna can be seamlessly mounted on the comb structure, making it the ideal solution when installing a tooth antenna is not possible. With the ASF rear comb antenna, containers of various sizes can be easily attached and read, whether they are rear loaders or side loaders.



TCX 134TBF 134UDC 70
TCX 134 transponder

TCX 134

Chipnest transponder

Der BDE-compliant TXC 134 transponder has been specifically designed for chipnest mounting. Its features allow for reliable identification with both built-in readers on waste collection vehicles and handheld devices.

The transponder can be easily screwed or pressed into the designated chipnest, enabling quick installation even on filled containers. With its rugged and compact construction, the TCX 134 is maintenance-free and resistant to impacts and shocks.

TBF 134 transponder

TBF 134

Reliable on metal

Designed for mounting on metal, the TBF 134 transponder allows for reliable identification of metal containers, unlike the TSF 134.

Built to withstand impacts and shocks, this rugged and compact transponder offers superior durability. When working with metallic containers, the TBF 134 is the right choice.

UDC 70 transponder

UDC 70

Passive UHF transponder

The UDC series transponders are known for their exceptional durability and longevity, even in harsh operating conditions. These passive UHF transponders are specifically designed for applications in vehicle identification, container management, logistics, and process automation.

Both the UDC 70 and the UDC 70 M, designed for mounting on metallic surfaces, are equipped with transponder inlays that enable optimized reading range and a large detection area.

AT function

Auto-Trimming of UHF RFID System

The AT function helps save time during installation and service. The auto-trimming function is also available for side and front loaders with UHF systems. In case of service needs, the tine or body antenna can be replaced without manual retrimming. The AT function ensures easy system installation, even with different cable lengths.

A) AZF tooth antenna mounted on the comb structure
B) ABF body antenna for large plastic or metal containers
C) ASF rear comb antenna mounted behind the comb structure

The AT function of the LFR4 adjusts the readers to the installation environment. Factors influencing the reading range, such as the length of the connection cables between the antennas and the reader, as well as the antenna placement within the comb area, are largely compensated for. Particularly, the impact of materials used in the installation area,

such as steel and aluminum, on the radiation characteristics of the antenna is mitigated through the implemented auto-tune process. As a result, the installation effort for the antennas is minimized through the implementation of the AT function.

In combination with the AT function, the LFR 4 offers additional options through the configuration menu, ensuring optimal reading results considering specific conditions in the application scenario. It addresses the following issues by providing optimization functions and analysis information:

  • Reduction in reading performance due to metals in the waste container
  • Reduction in reading performance with metal waste containers
  • Defects in antennas and connection cables
AT function on the rubbish truck and LFR 4 reader



rubbish truckof the Bremen waste management

Bremer Abfallversorgung

Fair billing for waste disposal in Bremen with deister electronic. Waste disposal today is high-tech. This applies not only to the separation and energy recovery of waste, but also to the collection of household waste. In many regions, the collection of household waste is based on the ...


Body antenna is mounted on rubbish truck

Contena Ochsner

The Contena-Ochsner AG has been a leading provider of waste disposal technology in the EU for 40 and 170 years, respectively. The merger of the two Swiss companies, Contena Handels AG and J. Ochsner AG, ensures that our waste is properly disposed of through their garbage collection and sweeping machines. The digitization of this process has been an important step in ensuring demand-oriented disposal and increasing the planning security of waste collection.



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