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Security Guard & Plant Protection Systems

Electronic guard control for reliable checks of rounds and precinct runs with real-time functions such as man down alarm and real-time control of service.


Guard control

Online, offline and hybrid systems

As the inventor of electronic guard control and with over 30 years of experience, our dataLog guard control system offers an extensive yet pragmatic range of functions. It helps you in the planning and monitoring of ongoing rounds and precinct runs, informs you via email or app about the status or events and automatically logs all services for you in clear reports.

The dataLog system can be customized to meet your exact needs. The online app offers real-time functions and many advanced features for task planning and documentation. The guardiX® II offline data collectors are child's play to operate without much training, are robust and have a very long battery life - ideal for simple, yet electronically monitored services.

The Commander Connect central management software offers many functions for round planning and precinct management. In addition, customizable reports can be generated tailor-made for own management or as proof of service.

  • 125 kHz and NFC (also in mixed mode)
  • Real-time features: round status, man down alarm
  • Special features: Photo function with remarks, checklists, instructions
  • Smartphone or data collector (also in combined operation)
  • Extensive evaluation, customizable reports
Ceckpoint and data collector
guardiX data collector handover
Robust design of the guardiX data collector
Reading out the guardiX data collector
Security guard with data collector guardiX

Cloud-based systems

deisterCheck AppdeisterCloud
deisterCheck App dataLog

deisterCheck App

The smartphone as a data collector

The deisterCheck app turns your smartphone into a data collector and supports your service staff. In addition to collecting the round, there are many other features, such as taking photos or filling out checklists, which can be used to enhance your service.

Furthermore, the deisterCheck app supports real-time features, such as man down alarm or tracking. Depending on your needs, these features can be activated and used.

  • Facilitated round guidance with guidance support for personnel
  • Real-time features such as emergency call, man down alarm, status updates
  • Photo function with annotation
  • Checklists, status selection, instructions, etc.
  • Android compatible


Secure transfer of the data

The deisterCloud serves as a routing service for all smartphone data. All data in the cloud is always encrypted so that no security risk can arise.

Data can be transmitted in real time via the cloud. User logins and bidirectional exchanges from and to the user are possible at any time.

If the cloud connection is interrupted, the smartphone stores the data locally until the connection is re-established - the data is then synchronised losslessly so that nothing is lost and all time stamps are also recorded properly.

  • Secure hosting in Germany
  • No data loss even in case of connection failures
  • Real-time data exchange

Offline & Hybrid Solution

guardiX® IIguardTransguardiX Connect®Event cards
guardiX data collector

guardiX® II

Robust data collector

Our guardiX® II data collectors are characterised by their extremely handy and simple operation. They read RFID-based checkpoints without contact. The read data is provided with date / time and stored for later transmission and processing. Optical signals as well as vibration give the user immediate feedback on the successful detection of the respective checkpoint.

With their robust design without moving parts and IP67 certification, guardiX® II data collectors are perfect for harsh environments and everyday use. Especially where patrols need to be carried out discreetly, or in noisy environments, vibration is a great advantage as feedback for the detection of a checkpoint. The excellent battery life with standard AA batteries results from the economical vibration function, which means that up to 500,000 checkpoints can be read with one set of batteries.

  • Wear-free and contactless checkpoint detection
  • Compatible with all previous deister electronic evaluation systems
  • Very long battery life
  • Robust design without moving parts
  • Very easy to use, no extensive training necessary

All data collectors

guardTrans readout station


Desktop readout station

The guardTrans is the readout station for all guardiX® II data collectors. It is connected to the PC / laptop via the USB interface and transfers the acquired data after insertiing the data collector. The real-time clock in the guardiX® II data collector as well as all other parameters are synchronized during the data download to ensure maximum accuracy for the rounds.

Audiovisual signals provide immediate feedback to the user about the data download.

All data transfer units

guardiX connect readout station

guardiX Connect®

Desktop readout station

No matter where you are, with the help of the guardiX Connect®, the collected data can be transmitted to the control center immediately after each patrol. All you need is a power outlet or a USB port to power the guardiX Connect®.

The data transfer is securely encrypted via a cellular communication module using the deisterCloud. This means you are completely independent of your customer's local infrastructure. In addition, the data always remains encrypted.

All data transfer units

Event cards

Event cards

Additional round information

With the event cards, the security service provider can document additional events along the round. For example, it can be noted that a window is open or that a smoke detector is defective.

The security guard carries the event cards with him/her and can simply hold the corresponding card in front of the data collector when needed. According to the area of application, the significance and evaluation of the events is determined by the user of the system himself/herself.

  • Simple operation
  • Define own events
  • Detailed documentation

All accessories




125 kHz and NFC combined

Checkpoints store their information digitally in an RFID chip, which is read contactless by smartphone or data collector, avoiding the wear and tear of a checkpoint.

The checkpoints support two technologies: 125 kHz and NFC, ensuring that the dataLog system offers maximum compatibility. Old and new data collectors like guardiX® II as well as apps like the deisterCheck app can be used.

The small, inconspicuous plastic housing can either be glued or fixed with a special screw for more security. The checkpoints are insensitive to changing temperatures, weather, dirt and other environmental influences. Passive operation eliminates the need for a battery.

All checkpoints

Benefits of our solution

Aufgabenlisten deisterCheck App


Checklists, selection lists, instructions

It is not uncommon for a security guard to take on important additional tasks on his round. In order to instruct and document these tasks, special functions can be linked to a checkpoint of the round, which, for example, displays a checklist with concrete instructions for actions to be taken when the checkpoint is read out. The processing is also logged in the reporting system.

  • Freely createable checklists
  • Selection of self-created states
  • Instructions and notifications
Upload photo deisterCeck

Photos for advanced reporting

Take pictures and write comments

During the round, a photo can be taken at any time via the app. The photo is automatically documented with a time stamp. The photos also appear later in the reports and can be additionally annotated, e.g. "Open window: 1st floor, room UF.01.34".


Checkpoint KSC 30

125kHz and NFC

Connecting old and new world

The dataLog® system is compatible with both 125 kHz and NFC checkpoints (although smartphones can only read NFC checkpoints). This means that smartphones and data collectors can be used side by side in the same system and old 125 kHz checkpoints do not necessarily need to be replaced.


guardiX Connect Dockingstation

Unique hybrid solution

Flexible and independent

The guardiX Connect docking station connects to the software for uploading the round data from anywhere in the world - and does not need a connection to the end customer's IT infrastructure to do so. The data is sent via the built-in cellular communication module. This makes the proven guardix II data collector even more flexible to use.


Slots for keyTags with keyTag retrieval

Integration with electronic key cabinets

Key management

As soon as clients hand over their keys to a security service, a lot of responsibility is handed over at the same time. It is of utmost importance to store these keys in a responsible, verifiable and well-managed manner. An electronic key cabinet makes it possible and also offers many other functions that lead to more cost efficiency and reliability in the processes.

Both dataLog® security guard and proxSafe® key management are managed in the same central software at deister electronic and are holistically integrated with each other. The security staff can automatically receive the rights for key removal based on round scheduling. Each key removal and return is electronically monitored and documented.

  • Automatic assignment of rights for key removal
  • Electronic documentation of every key removal and return
  • Automatic notification if keys are not returned on time
  • Keys are sealed tamper-proof on RFID keyTags


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