Automatic vehicle locking system

Automatic Vehicle Locking System

Mechatronic locking systems connected to the system bus for automatic locking of the driver's cab and the cargo area, as well as release and locking of the drive.

Vehicle locking via RFID

Faster, Safer, More Comfortable

With vanLoxx® a vehicle can be locked and operated safely. vanLoxx® is an automatic door and vehicle control system designed to save time and ensure safety. Access to the driver's cab or the cargo area is only granted to the driver via a valid transponder or via the vehicle's own remote control.  

With the vanLoxx® solution, RFID readers are installed at the various doors. The driver simply presents his transponder to the corresponding reader and the motorized locking elements unlock the doors automatically. In the case of radio control via the ignition key or similar, the respective door unlocks when the unlocking function on the key is activated.

After leaving or entering the vehicle and the complete closing of the used door, the vanLoxx® system automatically locks all accesses. If the vehicle is moved afterwards, e.g. because the tour is continued, doors that serve as rescue access in case of an accident can be unlocked again automatically.

Starting the engine or enabling an electric drive can also be controlled by the vanLoxx® system. For this purpose, the driver shows the same transponder, at the reader of the driver terminal and thus obtains the release for starting the engine or the electric locomotion of the vehicle. In this way, the start/stop buttons of the driver terminal are used to operate the drive or the button on the dashboard specified by the basic vehicle.

The transponder thus completely replaces the vehicle key. The vanLoxx® system not only makes vehicle operation safer, but also saves an enormous amount of time. Customers report that, when using the RFID system instead of a vehicle key, each operation saves about 20 seconds of time.

Another important aspect is that the replacement of a transponder can be realized within a few minutes and thus the vehicle remains productive. Also, the replacement of a transponder is significantly cheaper than a new vehicle key.

After simple preparation of the vehicle, the vanLoxx® system is quickly installed and the return on investment is usually achieved within a few months due to higher efficiency.

  • Time saving, the transponder is always on the wrist and is not plugged in
  • No additional purchase of expensive keys in case of loss or defect
  • Faster replacement of a transponder and vehicle remains productive
  • Only the door the driver identifies himself with is opened
  • More security due to automatic locking of the complete body
  • Durable, designed for over 300,000 cycles
  • Proven technology already in use on over 15,000 vehicles

+ 15.000 Vehicles equipped

+30.000 Doors locked

+ 500.000 Closing and opening cycles per day

Vehicle locking system solution

Locking elements

Bascule lockDeadbolt lock
Bascule lock

Bascule lock

The bascule lock can be used preferably for double or single doors with two-point locking. It has a robust construction, which guarantees a long-lasting reliable function, even under rough conditions.

An LED indicator shows the status of the respective element and thus provides information on the operating status and function at any time. Each element is also assigned a door sensor, which monitors the status of the door.

  • Durable and resilient
  • Weatherproof
  • Closes reliably
  • Withstands rough handling
Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt lock

At least one locking element is required for each vehicle. For example, the rear door, the partition door and the side door, which is mainly used to enter and exit the vehicle, can each be equipped with one locking element.

The locking elements have a robust design, which ensures long-term reliable operation, even under harsh conditions. Each element is equipped with a manual emergency release.

An LED indicator shows the status of the respective element and thus provides information on the operating status and function at any time. Each element is also assigned a door sensor, which monitors the status of the door.

  • Durable and resilient
  • Weatherproof
  • Closes reliably
  • Withstands rough handling

Control units

VBC 4 (driver terminal)SPX 2 (RFID-reader)
driver terminal

VBC 4 (driver terminal)

The driver terminal or controller is the heart of the installation. It controls and supplies all components connected via the system bus and thus takes over the sequence control of the projected system. The system can be configured, initialized and maintained without contact via the integrated RFID reader. Special programming cards are available for this purpose, which are individually assigned to the respective customer. This means that lost or defective transponders can be replaced quickly and the vehicle remains productive. In addition, the starting and stopping of a combustion engine, via buttons and/or the enabling and disabling of an electric drive can also be realized. Here, too, the RFID transponder, which is also used to unlock the doors, is used for secure operation. This provides a simple immobilizer that effectively prevents unauthorized use. The system is switched on and off with a key switch in the driver terminal. One has the choice between two modes.

  • Automatic, here the locking system is active and works as required by the delivery application.
  • Manual, here the locking system is switched off and one can operate the vehicle normally without the doors being locked automatically.
RFID reader for vehicle locking

SPX 2 (RFID-reader)

The external readers are located where a door on the vehicle must be unlocked in order to enter it. This can be the case, for example, at the passenger door, the side door of the cargo area, the rear door or in the interior of the vehicle. By presenting a transponder assigned to the vehicle, encrypted data is exchanged, which the system then uses to unlock the desired door. The LEDs show the current status.



IDC 514 (ISO card)IDC 507 (RFID-Fob)IDC 517 (Bracelet transponder)
ISO card

IDC 514 (ISO card)

The IDC 514 ISO card transponder is used for administrative purposes and tests. It can be printed according to customer requirements and programmed accordingly.


RFID key fob transponder

IDC 507 (RFID-Fob)

The IDC 507 is a transponder in the classic key fob form and is usually carried with other keys. The IDC507 is preferably used to unlock the vehicle.


black Bracelet transponder

IDC 517 (Bracelet transponder)

The IDC 517 is a transponder that is attached to a wristband and typically worn on the wrist. This means that the driver does not necessarily have to have his hands free to trigger the unlocking process.



Door sensor
Door sensor

Door sensor

Every door with a locking element also needs a door sensor. This is installed in such a way that it can precisely detect the respective status of the door, i.e. open or closed. The door sensor is connected to the respective locking element, which communicates with the vanLoxx system.


Benefits of our solution


Weatherproof, logistics proven

With more than 15,000 equipped logistics vehicles and 20 years of experience, we have continuously optimized our locking systems for everyday use in logistics. No system works as reliably and has such a consistent service life as vanLoxx. That is why a large number of the world's leading logistics companies rely on vanLoxx.


Simple and fast

Optimized operation

Unlocking and locking the vehicle easily and quickly with full hands is possible without any problem with vanLoxx. This saves valuable time and can perfect the delivery processes.



All common vehicle types are supported

Whether in the aftermarket or already in production, vanLoxx can be adapted to pretty much every common vehicle type from all manufacturers. In the process, we accompany customers and suppliers until everything runs correctly and works in practice.



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