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Manage Keys automatically

Electronic key cabinets for efficient management and controlled storage.

Key handover management

Efficient storage

Manual key management can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Keys can easily get lost, causing frustration, and the search can be time-consuming and often unsuccessful. The more mechanical keys are in circulation, the harder it becomes to keep track of them. Manual key distribution, especially for security-critical buildings, rooms, commercial properties, industrial sites, fleet management, and vehicle fleets, can lead to significant administrative effort, security vulnerabilities, and high costs.

If you want to save yourself from this hassle and reclaim your valuable time, leaving behind the chaos of managing keys, you desire a clear overview and full control of your numerous keys, deister electronic offers efficient key management solutions. With electronic key management, user access to individual keys can be predefined and easily managed through the Commander Connect software.

All key withdrawals and returns are automatically documented and accessible at any time. The intelligent key cabinet, proxSafe, ensures a transparent, controlled key handover and efficient management of eight to several thousand keys.

Of course, your key storage can be customized to your requirements and the number and sizes of your key sets. Our cabinet models and flexible panels make it possible. Each key cabinet provides 24/7 access and is easy to set up and operate. Your key management experience: an absolutely secure solution for 100% control over all keys - and more resources for the essential tasks of the day.

"The proxSafe® key management system from deister electronic creates greater process reliability, which results in much better quality in all processes and also a noticeable increase in efficiency."

Andreas Segler, Managing Partner of Niedersächsische Wach- und Schliessgesellschaft

"We are very happy with the hardware and software from deister electronic. The intelligent systems fulfill all our requirements."

Johann Penner, Chairman of the ECG Hanover

"The system saves time and increases security by protecting the keys from unauthorized third-party access and therefore theft."

Herbert Dagott, Security Manager at the University of Vienna

"The signalling on the cabinets and the illuminated key slots guide me to the right key quickly and efficiently - now I can drive directly to the alarm location and check the situation on site."

Stefan Peipe, District Manager Braunschweiger Wach- und Schließgesellschaft

Key retrieval at the maxx 6u key cabinet
Key retrieval at the flexx key cabinet
Key retrieval at the smart 4 key cabinet
Key retrieval at the flexx key cabinet
An ISO card is placed into a panel
Key retrieval at the maxx key cabinet
A person retrieves a key from a key cabinet

Key cabinets

maxx 6u key cabinet opened


Compact & elegant

Our compact proxSafe® key box maxx 6U with its space-saving, automatic roller shutter and elegant design guarantees an efficient key management for modern office environments. The electronic key box with robust steel housing offers enough space for single keys, narrow key bunches or even larger key bunches. Several key boxes can be combined and expanded with each other and can be easily operated with only one central terminal. All 3U keyPanels of the flexx series can be installed in the key box.

Thanks to our maintenance-free, robust keyTags with integrated RFID chips, all keys are firmly anchored in the maxx key box via slot locking, are not visible through the roller shutter and are thus double protected against manipulation.

To remove the key, the roller shutter of the key box automatically raises and the slot of the selected key slot lights up red. After removal, the roller shutter closes automatically and stops automatically if a hand is under the roller shutter.

All cabinets

flexx key cabinets


Modular & flexible

The flexx key cabinet is available in five different sizes that can be individually combined according to the modular principle. In this way, small, compact systems from 16 key slots, or even large key depots with space for several thousand keys can be put together. The modular design offers maximum capacity in a small space and the possibility of adapting the system to the premises or expanding it at a later date. The cabinets can be individually equipped with the desired, flexible slot modules, called keyPanels, and can be easily extended or exchanged at short notice if required. Depending on the number and size of the key bundles, keyPanels are available with different slot densities. In addition, specific panels can be integrated for the controlled handover of ISO cards and radio devices.

To issue keys, the user identifies himself at the terminal, the door of the key depot can be opened and the key removed from the illuminated slot. Due to the slot interlocks, all keys are double-secured and can only be removed with the corresponding authorisation, even when the door is open.

All cabinets

key cabinet for four keys


Compact & space-saving

The smart 4 is a compact electronic key management system with 4 compartments that can manage single or multiple keys. Its design is based on user-friendliness: the user presents his badge and the system automatically releases only those keys which ithe user is actually authorised to remove.

The system offers operational security through a built-in battery backup and a local database that continues to function even in the event of network, server and power failures.

  • Secure and compact
  • Simple operation
  • Remote key release through management software

All cabinets


keyPanelsISO 8 Panel
keyPanels portfolio


The right slot for every key

The flexx and maxx key cabinets can be individually equipped with slot modules called keyPanels. Due to the slot locking, all keys are firmly anchored in the cabinet and doubly protected against manipulation. Key access is only possible with the appropriate authorisation and identification. When keys are removed or returned, the slot of the selected keySlot lights up red. 

Depending on the requirements, the keyPanels are available in different versions and differ in the number and spacing of the individual slots. For a large number of individual keys or small bunches of keys, our range offers keyPanels with up to 32 slots for maximum capacity. The keyPanels with generously arranged 8 or 16 slots offer plenty of space to store large bunches of keys neatly. With our modular and flexible panel concept, you can securely manage eight to several thousand keys, compile the key cabinets individually according to your needs and upgrade or expand your system at any time.

All key panels

ISO 8 Panel for the flexx key cabinet

ISO 8 Panel

Safe storage for ISO cards

In addition to the keyPanels in the flexx key cabinet, ISO cards can also be stored securely using our ISO 8 panel. In each of the eight card slots, an ID card, credit card, petrol station card or access card in ISO 7810 ID-1 format can be stored in a tamper-proof and clearly arranged manner. For an increased level of security, the card slots can be optionally equipped with RFID and clearly displayed and managed with the Commander Connect software.



All key panels


C4+ terminal next to flexx locker drawing


Operating terminal with keypad and display

The C4+ terminal of the proxSafe® solution is compatible with all key management systems, such as maxx and flexx.

Using an Admin ID card, the operating terminal can be set up initially. Users can authenticate themselves via a credential (e.g., card, transponder, etc.) on the built-in RFID reader of the terminal. It is also possible to identify oneself by entering a pre-defined PIN. The proxSafe® terminal is easy and quick to operate.

  • RFID reader for user identification
  • Fast key return possible
  • Easy operation Intelligent power management
  • Backlit keyboard and display

All terminals

C6+ terminal next to flexx locker drawing


Operating terminal with touch display

The proxSafe® C6+ Touch Terminal is easily and intelligently operated via a touchscreen. The C6+ is compatible with all proxSafe® key management systems. It comes with an administrator ID card for system setup. Users can identify themselves using an ISO card, an RFID transponder, or by entering a PIN. The optionally available multi-technology reader allows the use of many existing access cards for authentication.

  • Convenient operation through a colorful 5.7" touch panel
  • RFID multi-technology reader for user identification
  • Network and standalone capability
  • Display of arbitrary characters (Unicode)

All terminals


keyTagUnsealing pliers
Länglicher Schlüsselanhänger mit RFID inklusive


RFID key fob

keyTags are attached to each key, which are firmly connected to the key ring by a one-time seal. The keys on the keyTag can only be exchanged using special unsealing pliers and are therefore absolutely tamper-proof. An RFID chip is integrated in each keyTag, storing all information about the respective key.

When the key is inserted into the key cabinet, the key's data is transmitted via contactless identification, regardless of whether the key is dirty, oily or wet. This ensures that the keyTags will function reliably for a lifetime. Our keyTags are available in five colours. This allows you to quickly distinguish between different user groups or security levels by colour, for example, and to classify them clearly.

All accessories

black Unsealing pliers for keyTags

Unsealing pliers

The unsealing pliers are used for the authorized removal of one-time seals on keyTags and keyRings.

It has a large handle to separate the keyTags / keyRings from the keys with very little effort.

All accessories

Benefits of our solution

Slots for keyTags with keyTag retrieval

No wear, no maintenance

RFID-based slots

Each key is controlled individually. For this purpose, a keyTag is attached to each key. This is a robust keyTag that carries an RFID chip. As soon as the keyTag is inserted into the slot, the RFID chip is read. The good thing is that the keyTags do not need a battery and the slots do not have to be cleaned regularly.

Since keys are moved in and out of pockets and hand contact is unavoidable, a certain amount of soiling occurs in the long run. RFID technology offers a crucial advantage in terms of contactless, reliable data transmission.

emergency battery


Autonomous power supply and standalone mode

Whether the power goes out or the network connection is interrupted, the key cabinets continue to function reliably. The built-in emergency battery and a power-saving emergency operation mode are automatically activated in the event of a power failure, so that the system continues to function for up to 72 hours.

Data is also backed up, meaning that system usage can continue, even without a network connection.  All users, rights and events are stored offline in the user terminal at the key cabinet, and are synchronised as soon as the network is back. In addition, there is a manual emergency release function, which can still be used to empty the key cabinet.

deisterCockpit and deisterGo on a computer and a phone screen

Automatic reports

Every detail electronically documented

Every event at the key cabinet is automatically documented and clearly assigned to the user. Since everyone has to identify before operating the terminal, it can be clearly documented who did what and when.

The reports can be displayed in real time using the the deisterCockpit, automatically sent by e-mail as a PDF or exported as a CSV. In addition, you can be informed about events of your choice at any time via the deisterGo app.



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