Louis II Stadium in Monaco from above

Royal Protection - The Louis II Stadium in Monaco

Case study


Project goal

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Protect building and valuables
  • Reduce administrative effort


  • Reliably manage hundreds of keys
  • Many different security areas


  • Future-proof key management system


  • High security level - no expensive conversions
  • Virtually maintenance-free hard- and software
  • Time and cost savings

"The main problem was in key management and in tracing the essential key movements. Above all, we had to ensure that the keys were returned on time."

Pierre-Yves Dudal, Directeur Général at deister electronic France,


Project summary

Stade Louis II

Stadiums are enormously large buildings - for this reason alone it is sometimes extremely difficult to keep track of them. In the Monegasque stadium Louis II there are about 900 keys - for basketball, handball, football and indoor swimming pools, fitness studios as well as changing and storage rooms. This challenge can only be met with a trusted key management solution. deister electronic´s proxSafe flexx system was chosen.

Princely secured

In the „Louis II“ stadium in Monaco, there is a lot of training: schools and many sports clubs use it - and everyone needs certain keys for different rooms. The same applies to suppliers and craftsmen. At sports events, athletes, security and cleaning personnel and technicians usually receive the keys they need for their respective locations in the entrance area - or even for sports facilities outside the stadium. The speed at which the situation can become confusing is particularly evident at large events and their planning, where many different service providers also need keys in order to be able to do their job. For example, a craftsman comes to the entrance unannounced and asks for the key to the storage room. This key is handed to him - but he forgets to return it later. When the work is finished, the search begins: who gave the key to whom and where is it now? Pierre-Yves Dudal, Directeur Général at deister electronic France, vividly recalls such problems that existed here before the introduction of the deister system: „The main problem was in key management and in tracing the essential key movements. Above all, we had to ensure that the keys were returned on time.“ 

Stress, time and cost savings

Until then, the key management was associated with a lot of time and high costs - the employees at the entrance had to be relieved in a meaningful way. It was high time for a tamper-proof, transparent and automatically documented administration. The solution was found in the installation of the proxSafe flexx key management system from deister electronic. This makes it possible to securely organize key issuing and return so that it is clear around the clock which key is currently in use where and when. The keys are attached to a keyTag, an electronic key fob, using a one-time seal. 

The keyTags are uniquely and contactlessly identified when the keys are removed and returned. proxSafe systems with RFID technology, which enable automatic identification and localisation of objects, ensure that the keyTags do not come into contact with the electronics. In the key cabinet there is an individual proxCylinder for each key: This only releases the key to the person who has identified himself at a terminal as the authorized person.

The corresponding slot lights up automatically, so that you can immediately see where the correct key has been removed (or returned again). This automatic management and safekeeping of keys has proven to be a secure and easy-to-use system in the stadium: We can always see who took which key and when and when it was returned. If the latter is not done in time, the responsible administrative employee automatically receives an e-mail so that he can address the person concerned“, concludes Pierre-Yves Dudal. „The system can be programmed for individual keys, but also for several keys per day. If the entire keyTag is lost or misplaced, the key(s) can be exchanged precisely because it is known which individual keys are involved,“ says Pierre-Yves Dudal.

Management of valuables  

With the proxSafe product range, deister electronic offers intelli-gent solutions for managing and storing object keys. This includes electronic key management systems and specialized systems of different sizes for the safekeeping of valuables, weapons or important documents. The RFID security system guarantees op-timal protection and can be individually adapted. The proxSafe Key Management System comprises electronic lockers, weapon cabinets and modular solutions. The underlying RFID technology enables contactless, automatic identification and localization of objects. This also allows other valuable things to be protected, such as computer dongles.

The keyTags do not come into contact with the electronics - the electronics remain protected from dust, for example, so that contamination-related failures cannot occur. All moving parts are extremely robust and have been extensively tested. The result is a maintenance-free and safe system. The key cabinets can be installed practically anywhere, extend-ed and reorganised as required. The individual key management systems can be operated either independently or via the proxSafe Commander software in the network. The introduction of an electronically controlled key management system accelerates and simplifies the administration of the keys and provides the user with a complete overview of key withdrawals and returns at all times. The internal back-up battery allows network or power failures to be bridged. The system currently manages approximately 500 key slots (i.e. around 1,800 individual keys). The existing system can be expanded at any time. 


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