Prison Vechta

Electronic Locker System for the Vechta Correctional Facility

Case Study


Project goal

  • Elektronic Key Management
  • Increase the safety of inmates and prison guards
  • Logging of key movements and their personal assignment
  • Minimize administrative effort


  • Meet the security requirements of the prison authorities


  • Intelligent locker system for weapons and valuables
  • Electronic key management system for the highest level of security


  • Issuing keys around the clock without loss of time
  • Connection to external time recording software using the Commander software

Project summary

Security in prisons is ensured primarily by the physical structure accompanied by technical measures. In the course of building a new reception area the old mechanical key system was replaced by electronic key management.


Electronic locker system at Vechta Prison

JVA Vechta is a closed prison for young offenders who are not more than 25 years old when they start their sentence. This concept is unique in Germany. Prisoners are housed with others of their own age. The warders can concentrate on the special needs of young offenders.

In recent years there has been substantial investment in the security of individual prisons. Because it had mostly older buildings, JVA Vechta prison was re-equipped with modern security technology. Prison security and effective protection of the public are subject to continuous development. Electronic key management ensures the greatest possible level of security. The high security keys are protected from unauthorized access at all times.


Project description:

A modern electronic key locker system was to be installed in the new reception area, replacing the old mechanical locker system. A compartment is assigned to every member of the prison staff, in which the highly-sensitive key is kept during offduty hours. During working hours personal valuables can also be deposited there in safety. To ensure trouble-free removal and return, there are three terminals available to members of staff, which operate in parallel to provide access to the lockers.

The customer wished that the identification of members of staff should use the existing time recording system. Control, supervision and unbroken documentation should be assured around the clock (24/7) by means of monitoring software in the reception area. It is required that all types of use of the lockers should be displayed graphically and in tabular form.

The solution:

The proxSafe locker system “locker” from deister electronic meets all these requirements fully. The key locker system “locker S14” with a total of 285 compartments can be operated simultaneously from three terminals. In this way, for example, possible waiting times for members of staff are eliminated at shift changing times. To meet the increased safety requirements of the prison authorities, the existing Indala transponders have been replaced with MIFARE DESFire EV1. No changes were needed to time recording in the database. Prison staff use the same transponder as their means of identification at the time-recording terminal as at the operating terminal for the locker system. Each of the highly sensitive keys is attached to a key tag - the electronic key fob - with a non-reusable seal. Every movement and use of the key tag is automatically and securely recorded and, in addition, archived. All operations are saved in detail with the date, time and personnel number of the member of staff concerned. Monitoring of the system is carried out by Commander software on a PC in the reception area. For direct configuration and operation of the userfriendly system there is an interface integrated into a service compartment.



The fast, automatic issuing keys is effective round-the-clock without loss of time even when there are frequent withdrawals at shiftchange times. All operations concerned with the issue and withdrawal of keys are recorded in the Commander database and in the terminal, and they are traceable at any time (the ring memory can hold up to 7,000 events). Reception area staff has an overview at all times and control over the occupancy of individual lockers. A protocol can be called up within a few seconds.

The proxSafe locker system can be installed at a different location, or extended or reorganized almost at will. The large memory in the terminal affords the system great operational reliability. It continues to work even if there is a power failure. It relieves the stress on personnel while simultaneously increasing security. The administration and time requirements are minimized and operating costs reduced.


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