Building of ECG Hanover

Effective and Centrally Controlled Access

Case study


Project goal

  • Electronic access control and key management
  • Personalised identification of key movements
  • More security, transparency and user-friendliness of access management


  • High user frequency and varying times of use of the rooms inside the church building
  • Frequent loss of keys
  • Obsolete locking system


  • RFID-based online and offline access control
  • Access control
  • Intelligent key management system
  • Networked architecture


  • Improved security without time-consuming refits
  • Straightforward access control for different users
  • Efficient access management
  • Continuous documentation of key movements and access

“We are very pleased with the hardware and software from deister electronic.”

Johann Penner, Chairman of the ECG


The possible loss of a key is no longer a problem either, since the software-based solution enables us to change or cancel access rights with a single click. Our key management system has become more transparent, and our ECG has become safer.”

Johann Penner, Chairman of the ECG


Project summary

ECG Hanover

An intelligent, user-friendly access control and key management system from deister electronic provides increased safety and transparency in the community centre of the Evangelical Christian Church (ECG) in Hanover.

“We are very pleased with the hardware and software from deister electronic. The intelligent systems fulfil all of our requirements. We can now easily and exactly check who has access, when, and where. The possible loss of a key is no longer a problem either, since the software-based solution enables us to change or cancel access rights with a single click. Our key management system has become more transparent, and our community centre has become safer.” - Johann Penner, Chairman of the ECG

Worship services, musical events, play and handicraft groups for children, barbecues and sports events for teenagers: For the Evangelical Christian Church (ECG) in Hanover, fellowship is one of the basic mainstays of life. The free church, which has been in existence since 1994, provides its more than 400 members with a modern community centre for this purpose. Here, many events for all age groups take place in addition to the regular worship service on sundays. In order to protect the building and its individual rooms in a simple, reliable way, the church’s management board decided to install an intelligent access control system with automatic administration plus a modern key management system. The integrated solution is provided by RFID specialist deister electronic, located in nearby Barsinghausen.

“The community centre is the meeting point for our members and voluntary workers, but of course also for many visitors”, Johann Penner, chairman of the ECG board, points out and then adds: “Here, lots of doors are unlocked and locked again every day.” Johann Penner remembers: “Coordinating the activities of 400 people is not an easy task. For example, we needed to have our locking system blocked again and again because a key had been lost, which was both inefficient and very costly. But the main problem was that the individual rooms, some with expensive technical equipment inside, were often no longer adequately protected.”  So the call for modern access control and an efficient access management system became louder and louder. Finally, when Johann Penner heard from a colleague about the electronic locking cylinders from the innovative, family-owned company deister electronics, he took immediate action.

Security, transparency and efficiency

Since February 2019, the proxEntry online and offline locking system controls access to the building, and the digital doorLoxx locking system regulates access to the various areas inside the community centre. Persons authorized to enter identify themselves by presenting their RFID chips to readers. The authorization on the chip must be re-activated every 24 hours on an updater positioned outside the building. Here, the access authorization is checked and updated if necessary, and locking events are retrieved.

Via the transponder of the doorLoxx system, the RFID technology-based key management system proxSafe is also operated, which is located inside a separate room in the community centre. This way, all mechanical keys and bunches of keys are stored safely and easy to find. This was achieved by attaching a so-called keyTag with an integrated RFID chip to the keys, each one of which sits in its own slot and can only be removed following successful identification at the user terminal of the proxSafe cabinet. This terminal also monitors the return. The issue and return of keys can also be centrally controlled and monitored.

Intelligent integration

All systems are networked via deister electronic’s Commander Connect software. Johann Penner comments: “It is important for us to work with a mutually compatible and scalable hard- and software solution from a single source. Moreover, the solutions should only have the functions we really need. These include the allocation of access rights, the definition of time profiles and thus the possibility to prepare individual documentations as required. But first and foremost it was vital for us that the systems should be easy to use.”


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