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Project goal

  • Logging the key movements and their personal assignment
  • Provide quick and easy access to all keys for anyone who is authorized


  •    Reliable management of several hundred keys


  •  Electronic key management system for the highest level of security


  • Issuing keys around the clock without loss of time
  • Minimize administrative effort

Politie Leuven

Leuven is the capital of the province of flemish brabant in the flemish region, it covers 56.63 km² and has 91.000 citizens. The Local Police force performs the “basic police function” and carries out at least six basic missions: district policing, reception, intervention, aid to victims, local investigation and public order.



Since the police is on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the management of transport as cars, motorcycles and bicycles is vital to guarantee their services. Making sure everyone gets the assigned vehicle and their usage documenting is very time consuming. Furthermore, access to office and building keys and cards. All these keys where on a panel with hooks at different locations. 


Each department has its own proxSafe cabinet connected to the police network and is managed by the proxSafe commander software. All keys are stored in 9 proxSafe systems, each police men and woman has access to a certain number of keys depending on the department. When a specific action is planned, the vehicles are reserved, making sure they are present when the action starts. 

As a result, administrative overhead has been reduced and staff has more time for  real police work. In addition, the responsibility for the material is now higher and by consequence there are less replacements and breakdown service costs. 


Nine proxSafe flexx systems have been installed in four different locations in the City. Five proxSafe flexx 24U, five proxSafe flexx 12U and one proxSafe flexx 6U cabinet holding a total of 512 keys or key bundles. The credential technology used by the access control system has been embedded for high security. 


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