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Intelligent & Customized Building Security

Case study


Project goal

  • Central and personal access control
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Maximum security with minimum restrictions on mobility
  • Cross-location concept
  • Integration of mechanical keys
  • Link to the company’s own administration software


  • Widely varying individual usage times
  • Many different security areas
  • Permanently high mobility of persons within the building


  • RFID-based integrated online and offline access control (doorLoxx)
  • Intelligent key management system (proxSafe)
  • Reliable automated driver and vehicle identification (tranSpeed)
  • Scalable and highly integrative Commander Connect software


  • High-level security without expensive refits
  • Flexible protection against misuse
  • Precise assignment of access authorisations
  • Trouble-free system adaptation to new space usage concepts
  • Mechanical keys only required for certain parts of the building
  • Investment protection through scalability

“People are coming and going at the time which is why we need an easy-to-use, intelligent and scalable security system that seamlessly connects to our administration software.”

Jonas Lindemann, CEO of Hafven


Project summary

Successful Project with Hafven GmbH & Co. KG

Make, learn, inspire – in the secure Hafven

The Hafven – Hanover’s innovative, combined co-working space with its Maker Area – relies on an intelligent and comprehensive single source security solution from deister electronic. It keeps out unauthorised persons without restricting the creative community’s freedom of movement.

Bring as many people into contact with each other as possible – “make, learn and inspire“ in an exciting environment: That’s the future concept of the Hafven in Hanover. Office workplaces bookable on a flexible basis, meeting and workshop locations, a FabLab, wood and metal machine shops and a company café are located in an area of more than 2,000 square metres. This open space is used by over 1,000 members, from do-it-yourself enthusiasts, through employees and one-man businesses to start-ups and corporations. Alongside desks and workbenches, there are attractive facilities for concerts, events and sport. Sustainability, community and accessibility are of central importance to the Hafven. The open and flexible concept needs an expandable security system though. The aim is not just to regulate vehicle and people access to the building and entry to individual rooms, but to secure important mechanical keys in a simple and reliable manner. Hence, management was on the look-out for a single software solution capable of controlling and documenting all systems. And deister electronic was able to provide them with it.

“Every day many people come here to work, discuss ideas and projects in workshops, or just to visit our café with their business partner,” reports the Hafven Managing Director Jonas Lindemann who adds: “People are coming and going at the time which is why we need an easy-to-use, intelligent and scalable security system that seamlessly connects to our administration software. The solution must be secure without impinging on our members’ flexibility and mobility. That’s why we had to rule out an off-the-shelf solution and turned to the RFID specialists at deister electronic in Barsinghausen instead.”

Value-added security without a bunch of keys 

A tailor-made integrated vehicle and person control system and an intelligent key management system, both with links to deister electronic’s Commander Connect software, was the solution Lindemann and his team were looking for. Since 2016 vehicle access to the building has been secured by long-range readers, while access by persons to the building and various areas in the futuristic “building cube” has been secured by online and offline locking systems. These include digital cylinders, fittings, locks, controllers and online readers which connect the locking components to the system. For Jonas Lindemann, this is a system with real added value, if for no other reason than that “it makes saying goodbye to the classic bunch of keys easy“. A special interface programmed by deister electronic for the Hafven also allows the Commander Connect software to connect to the in-house membership administration software. 

Contactless key cards and multi-technology readers 

When new customers sign up with the Hafven via the Cobot online platform, they are sent a personal RFID card. The responsible administrator enters the respective card number in the member’s online profile. This profile stores the authorisations booked to access specific areas in the building. Jonas Lindemann adds: “This can be 50 hours a month, ten hours or a whole year of use.” If someone cancels their membership or forgets to return the card, the card becomes invalid the following day. Security doors in the building are fitted with online readers. Each time a member enters the building, the card is updated. This ensures the access authorisations on the card are always up-todate. If the card is valid, the corresponding offline doors inside the building can now be opened contactlessly as well. These doors are fitted with wireless digital doorLoxx cylinders and fittings from deister electronic. The system automatically checks whether the card was previously successfully updated at an online door and hence regulates access inside the building. The RFID cards given to kitchen staff can also be read by long-range readers. This means they don’t have to hold the card in front of the corresponding reader as the kitchen doors open completely “hands-free” and they can pass through with full hands. There is now even flexible access control in the machine shop and at an off-site Hafven branch office. Plans are in the pipeline to integrate video surveillance into the system which won’t be a problem either thanks to deister’s open system architecture. 

Vehicle Identification

Another product from deister, the tranSpeed, allows fast, reliable and automatic long-range identification of drivers and vehicles in the entrance and exit areas. This system is also controlled via the Commander Connect software. Car drivers benefit from automatically opening gates – a plus point in terms of comfort and security. 

Intelligent key management

There are still some tool cabinets and machinery in the machine shop though which are secured by conventional locks. To precisely integrate these locks in the Maker Space into the building’s access control system, a proxSafe system from deister electronic, which is also linked to Commander Connect, is used. The mechanical keys for the machine shop are stored in the key cabinet and are secured by keyTags. Members who have booked the corresponding resources can use their personal RFID card to open the key cabinet and remove the keys they have authorisation for.


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