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Baby Protection in Newborn Nurseries

Case Study


Project goal

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Protect newborn babies
  • Prevent financial losses
  • Meeting the security requirements of the hospital


  • Connection to nurse call system and PC


  • An intelligent and reliable baby protection system


  • High safety standard, without expensive modifications
  • Virtually maintenance-free hardware and software
  • Time and cost reduction

Project summary

St. Vincenz hospital

Over and over again there have been attempts to kidnap newborns. To prevent the personal loss of those involved as well as the resulting loss of reputation and financial damage to the hospital, a security system was included in the planning of the newborn ward in the St. Vincenz Hospital in Datteln. In order to minimise the risk, a protection system which prevents the kidnapping of babies from the station or the swapping of newborns as far as possible in advance should be used. This baby protection safety concept was also an important component in the previously defined quality requirement profile (KTQ quality seal) of the hospital.


Special requirements

The hospital requested a system that would neither confront the staff with any additional tasks or health burdens for the patients. The requirement was for a so-called „safe zone“ to be set up, which would notify the staff when they leave the area without the appropriate authorisation. This should be done using the available equipment in the station such as the telephone system, nurse call systems as well as the PC. Additionally, evidences (video images) should be logged and recorded to ensure fast and secure analysis and tracking in case of emergency. The system should not restrict the freedom of movement of the users in any way.


The BabyGuard® / JuniorBasic concept - a wireless alarm system with integrated video surveillance and alarming via third-party systems such as nurse call and PBX systems as well as display monitors - was used and developed especially for these requirements. The entrances to the station were equipped with an RFID system and thus form a „secure zone“. Mothers, newborns and staff receive special RFID transponders which are activated when they enter the monitoring field of the system. If a
baby transponder enters the previously defined field, the system is activated and waits for the corresponding accompanying transponder (matching mother or nurse transponder).

If the transponder does not follow into the monitoring field of the system within a previously defined time, a contact-based alarm is triggered and transferred to third-party systems via an interface. These trigger the alarm visually, acoustically and by video image. With this information, the personnel is optimally prepared to react to the project-related alarm protocol that has been developed beforehand and to process the alarm in a systematic way.


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