Notifications, alarms and events at your fingertips

Stay updated, stay in control

deisterGo is your personal notifier to stay in control of your deister system.You can individually set up many different types of notifications according to what is important to you or your users.deisterGo works with all deister systems, from access control, key management, smart storage, textile management, proof of visit, people protection, asset management to digital locking systems.All notifications are easily configured in the Commander Connect software, which centrally controls and manages all deister systems.

  • Alarms – Alarm messages alert you within seconds
  • Notifications – Notify anybody in your system about anything, anytime
  • Reminders – Send automatic reminders to prevent errors and ensure smooth operation

Select any event from any device in the system or an action to be sent to a user or a user group.
Notifications can be alarms, time based reminders or information messages. 


Flyer (PDF)