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Computer Authentication

More secure than any password

Unlock your computer automatically and contactless by the presence of your RFID transponder.


Secure access to your computers

Access to a computer gives you access to data records, intellectual property and, of course, personal data. Entering complicated passwords is not a solution for permanent use of PC´s. It would be advantageous if one could unlock the computer screen contactlessly by the presence of a credential.

Both problems can be solved by using the samecredential which is also used for access control. This login solution is fast, easy and the encryption of the credentials is much more secure than any password.

Simple and fast setup

Secure and automatic unlocking

No software required

Full integration into any desktop workstation

2 x HDMI / Displayport I/O for more flexibility

No new RFID access control credential required


Just a few steps for more safety

The Hub is the compact plug and play solution of the loxxIn system. It manages the signals from two monitors as well as the connected input devices. The loxxIn hub is connected to the loxxIn reader, so that only authorized persons can access the computer. By splitting this system, the signal cables can be hidden as usual.

  • 2 x HDMI / Displayport I/O for more flexibility
  • Simple and fast setup, no software required
  • Small, compact and easy to hide
  • Full integration into any desktop workstation


Tamper-proof computer access

The loxxIn-Pro with its optionally available and tamper-proof stainless steel housing includes an integrated PZ lock and is is ideally suited for security-relevant areas. In addition to two monitor connections, the loxxIn-Pro also offers you the option of playing individual standby-screensavers such as company stills or videos via the integrated media server.

  • Tamper-proof stainless steel housing (optional)
  • 2 x HDMI / Displayport I/O for more flexibility
  • Individual standby display via internal media server possible
  • Monitor control for individual standby display and monitor shutdown

loxxIn Reader

The link for more safety

The loxxIn reader is a compact desktop reader and represents the user interface of the loxxIn system. This device enables your employees to unlock the monitor at the workplace with their existing or new access control credential. Active credentials can also be used along with passive ones as a convenience function. An LED display on the reader provides visual status feedback.

  • Automatic user approval
  • Protection against unauthorized usage
  • Fully integrable into your existing RFID access control system through interchangeable reading echnology
  • Suitable for active and passive credentials

RFID Credentials

For trouble-free activation

Passive credentials

Simply place the credential onto the reader and the screen as well as the input devices are unlocked. There are two different modes. On the one hand, the access can only be granted for a certain period of time or the credential can be left on the device. On the other hand, the system can also be configured in such a way that a repeated placement of the credential cancels the access.

Active credentials

To further enhance comfort, we offer an active credential technology. The credential only needs to be within reading range and can also stay in your pocket. As soon as a user with an authorised credential enters the workplace, the computer is automatically unlocked. If the user leaves workplace with his credential, the access is deactivated again - fully automatically.

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