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On-Site Storage

Electronic safe for site management of widespread infrastructure

On-site storage, standalone and yet integrated into the system

Digital Safe

On-site storage, standalone and yet integrated into the system

The battery-operated Digital Safe is a robust key safe for indoor and outdoor use. The weatherproof IP65 housing is suitable for all weather conditions.

The Digital Safe can be opened using credentials or via app - the reading technology is freely selectable and all popular reading technologies such as mifare®, NFC™ or Bluetooth® are supported. The Digital Safe can also be seamlessly integrated into an existing access control system and can be opened with the same access cards.

The Digital Safe can also be installed flush with the wall. This installation option provides the highest possible mechanical protection for the digital safe. It also minimizes weather influences.

Weatherproof IP65 metal housing

The weatherproof IP65 metal housing is suitable for all conditions and can withstand any kind of weather.

NFC™ and Bluetooth®

The Digital Safe can be opened with various reading technologies. All popular reading technologies are supported.

Long battery life

Due to the very long battery life a minimal maintenance effort is guaranteed.

70mm diameter

The diameter has been chosen to be large enough to accommodate keys, ISO cards and larger key fobs.

Multiple access options

The Digital Safe can be opened using credentials or via app.

Made in Germany

All products are “Made in Germany“ and are developed, produced and tested to the highest standards of functionality and quality.

The secure on-site safe

Safe storage of keys, credentials or valuables

Whether installed outdoors on remote sites or flushmounted into a wall, the Digital Safe is a secure place for your keys or valuables on site that you can remotely manage and integrate into your system. The 70 mm diameter has been deliberately chosen to be large enough to provide enough space for storing keys, ISO cards and larger key rings.

  • 70 mm diameter
  • Enough space for ISO cards and larger key rings
  • Independent of local IT infrastructure

1 - Reader unit

All common reading technologies are supported, from NFC™ and Bluetooth® to mifare®. Future-proof: The reader unit can be changed at any time.

2 - Cover

Sturdy locking mechanism with integrated rubber seal.

3 - RFID slot (optional)

Every removal and return is electronically documented via RFID. 

4 - Metal housing

The IP65 weatherproof metal housing is available in different lengths. The corrugated surface offers optimum grip for flush mounting.

Content surveillance

Optional RFID slot

As an option, the removal and return of the item inside the digital safe can be monitored by an RFID-based slot inside and an RFID dongle on the item.

The RFID dongle, a so-called keyTag, has a built-in RFID chip which is read and electronically logged each time the item is removed and returned in the slot.

This allows monitoring and tracing whether, for example, a key is in the digital safe or has been returned to it after use.

Commander Connect

Configuration, Control and Reporting

With the Commander Connect software, all deister systems can be centrally managed and configured. Information is collected centrally and can be called up at any time. The output of individually configured reports takes the form of e-mail, print file or export in different file formats.

The assignment of user rights and application-related functions can be done with just a few mouse clicks. The client-server architecture allows site-dependent operation via the web browser and minimizes hardware requirements and costs. The connection to third-party systems is made via web services or customer-specific interfaces, which allows the Commander Connect to be optimally integrated.

Fields of application

Digital Safe

Widespread infrastructure

Widespread infrastructure

Whether switch box, distributor, power pole or transmitting station, the Digital Safe is ideally suited to manage and integrate remote locations.

Deposit of valuables

Deposit of valuables

The Digital Safe offers enough space inside to store not only keys or credentials but also valuables on site.

Master key depot

Master key depot

In buildings to which the fire brigade, security services or other service providers must have flexible access, critical keys can be stored and lives saved.

Keys On-the-Spot

Keys On-the-Spot

Instead of storing keys centrally, you can store them exactly where they are needed - at the parked vehicle, next to the front door, etc.

More Solutions for Widespread Infrastructure

Cloud Control Modules

Using the cloud control modules, you can remotely integrate deister systems via the mobile network without having to rely on a local IT infrastructure. Additional devices such as lights, gates or shutters can also be controlled via additional outputs on the cloud control modules. The highly secure encrypted communication offers maximum security.

  • Independent of local IT infrastructure
  • Highly secure data communication using the mobile network
  • Remote access and live monitoring

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Smart 4

Standalone key system

The Smart 4 electronic key cabinet has 4 slots to manage keys or bundles of keys and operates autonomously. It is initially synchronized with the management software and can then be installed standalone.In the management software, PINs with access rights to one or more of the 4 keys can be generated, which expire after a defined period of time - these are then sent to the user via SMS, email or app. 

  • Standalone and yet integrated in the overall system
  • PIN2Access technology generates temporary valid PINs with individual access rights
  • Smart 4 can also control a door

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