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Welcome to Deister Electronics USA

Deister Electronics is a global, family-owned business specializing in the development of secure automation solutions. We take pride in being a trusted supplier to many of the world's foremost companies, offering an extensive range of products.

As an independent manufacturer, we have the liberty to cultivate our ideas within a design-oriented approach focused on innovation and continuous enhancement. Our goal is to empower our clients to automatically safeguard, regulate, and track the use of facilities, restricted areas, assets, including physical keys, weaons, radios, critical work tools, and vehicles.

We are recognized for our proficiency and adept implementation of RFID technology across multiple applications—ranging from key management, access control, and vehicle identification to visit verification systems, guard tour systems, and asset management.

Operating through our 6 international offices, we provide top-tier delivery and support across all time zones, always prepared with a profound understanding of our customers' requirements to deliver the most optimal solutions possible.

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6 Office Locations

45+ Years of experience

80 Countries with customers

117 Patents

13.500+ Systems in operation

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