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Commander Connect Central Security Software

Commander Connect software combines all Deister Electronics solutions in a central, integrated and browser-based platform.



Commander Connect Software

One Software; All Systems

Manage users, doors, accesses, keys, assets and other resources tailored to operational requirements.  Increase the efficiency, visibility and security of your operations and their management.

Manage all Deister systems across a variety of solutions with the Commander Connect central management software. The comprehensive reporting system offers predefined and custom reports to suit your requirements.

Workflows enable the automation of the system and offer endless possibilities to freely link different software and hardware functions.

  • Browser-based Architecture
  • One software for all deister systems
  • Extensive reporting
  • Workflows and other powerful automation features
  • Extensive integrations to other software solutions

Benefits of our software

Commander Connect Basic Package

Comprehensive Basic License

The basic license of the Commander Connect software conveniently manages all systems from Deister Electronics. The basic license includes a base number of device licenses for each and every solution allowing testing and extension of solutions without high cost.

The following solutions can be managed by the Commander Connect software:

  • proxSafe® key management
  • proxSafe® compartment systems
  • tranSpeed® vehicle identification
  • doorLoxx® access control
  • amanTag® personal security systems
  • dataLog® guard and plant security
  • textag® textile management
scalability aspect of a system or software called "Commander."


Commander Connect software is a fully scalable system, easily expanded to fit your system.

  • Up to 1,000,000 active users
  • Up to 6,000,000 identifiers
  • Up to 10,000 access points (doors, barriers, lockers, gates, ...)
  • Up to 10,000,000 active items (teXtag clothing)
  • Up to 100 time profiles
  • Unlimited user groups
This system is likely used for generating and managing reports, possibly in the context of security operations or management.

Flexible reporting

Commander Connect lexible reports allow you to evaluate specific data to determine your many operational adjustments. Have reports sent to you automatically by e-mail or displayed with other real-time data in the deisterCockpit.

  • Flexible reports, individually customized
  • Combine reports across multiple systems
  • Logical queries and comparisons
  • Create automatically delivered reports
  • View real-time reports live
Efficiency Automation Workflows

Efficiency and Automation

Automate your security management and increase efficiency. Flexible workflows and simple operation help you to make your daily management activities more productive.

  • Control all access points and devices in one central software (wireless networked, wired, mobile access)
  • Flexible workflows can link software events to hardware actions
  • Never miss alerts, critical incidents, violations and system information for maintenance and device status



cockpit views shown

Commander Connect and deisterCockpit

Commander Connect software with the deisterCockpit form the ideal combination to optimally manage both administration and everyday operation.

Commander is used to commission the system, set up users, rights and devices, and configure the system's settings.

The deisterCockpit is a highly flexible software that can be tailored to the application and provide only that information and action options most critical to operations.  Simple, customizable displays and action widgets allow even inexperienced users to operate the system with little training.


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