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Build your own user interface on top of Commander Connect.


Secure and Tailored to Your Requirements

deisterCockpit is intuitive to use and easy to configure. Start with a blank screen and customize the deisterCockpit free-form from a large selection of widgets.

You can have many more than one cockpit - each user can have their own cockpit or several cockpits operating in parallel, each individually adapted to the user's rights level and the operational requirements.

If conditions change, you can also easily reconfigure your deisterCockpit. It is as flexible and agile as the world of today and tomorrow, so it always fits your needs.

Use Analysis

Determine individual time periods for analysis of asset consumption (inventory, clothing, key expenses etc.) or define recurring time units, such as specific use periods with predefined time spans.

Consumption statistics

Filter your display by object type or condition, and create more transparency about availability. Achieve a targeted optimization of the inventory.

Stock overview

Define company areas to display the status of inventory in real time with configurable diagrams. Thus an up-to-date display of your available stock can be viewed at any time.

Custom analysis

Need to analyze or expand specific workflows and processes tailored to your operations? We can assist you with extensive know-how in adapting the cockpit to your needs.

Benefits of our software


Any report from Commander Connect can be displayed with the report widget. The data is loaded and displayed in real time. Create transparent and comprehensive cockpits for monitoring system activities.

  • Easy viewing of events, including access.
  • Real-time monitoring of any or all events in the system

Customized functions

With the Button and Virtual Cabinet widget you can make available the required operating functions. From opening a single door/gate to remotely unlocking compartments in the cabinets, any valid operation is possible.  Perfectly tailored user interfaces can be built, easily used with little training.

  • Completely free configuration of individual operations functions
  • Matching the application; matching the rights of the user

Statistics and Insights

deisterCockpit offers extensive functions to process, analyze and display the system data. From graphs to lists to KPI figures - the cockpit becomes an overview of your most important data. It can help you to filter out the most important numbers from the many.

  • Predefined widgets for concrete analyses
  • Combination of the most important data
  • Real-time updates of all data sets

cockpit views shown

deisterCockpit and Commander Connect

Commander Connect software and deisterCockpit form the ideal combination to optimally manage both administration and everyday operation.

Commander is used to commission the system, set up users, rights and devices, and configure the system's basic settings.  A variety af reports and operational commands can also be engaged within the software.

The deisterCockpit is a highly flexible software that sits on top of Commander Connect and can be tailored to specific operational requirements, so that even inexperienced users can operate the system in everyday life with little training.

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