Manage keys automatically with RFID

Electronic key cabinets for efficient management, storage, audit and control.

Key assignment and tracking management

Efficient storage

Manual key management is time-consuming error-prone and costly. Keys are easily lost, impacting operational efficiency and security. The more mechanical keys in use, the more difficult it becomes to keep them under control and keep operations running.

Save yourself the frustration, chaos and time-consuming effort of managing your keys.  Create clear and comprehensive control of your keys with Deister's efficient and secure key management solutions.  With the electronic management of keys, access to keys can be established for each user and managed through Deister's Commander Connect software.

Key acquisition and returns are automatically tracked and permanently stored.  proxSafe, the intelligent key cabinet system, provides security and absolute control over operational environments and is fully scalable from four to millions of keys. 

Storage can be customized with multiple cabinet sizes, each with configurable panel arrangements for small key rings to large key bundles.  Electronic key cabinets provide secure 24/7 access and 100% control without costly personal supervision.  Focus on your operations, and let proxSafe focus on your keys.

Key cabinets

maxx 6Uflexxsmart 4

maxx 6U

Compact & elegant

Our compact proxSafe® key cabinet maxx 6U has a space-saving and automatic roller shutter. With his elegant design, for modern office environments guarantees the maxx 6U an efficient key management. The steel housing offers enough space for up to 64 keys: either single keys, small key bundles or large key bunches. Several cabinets can be combined and expanded with each other; they easily work with one central terminal. Select from the full range of 3U key panels for complete flexibility.

Our maintenance-free, robust RFID keytags anchor all keys in the maxx key cabinet. The roller shutter masks outside visibility and double secures them.  

The key cabinet roller shutter operates automatically upon authorized access. Once opened, the slot from the selected key will light in red. After removal, the roller shutter automatically closes with concomitant safety features to prevent any injury.

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Modular & flexible

The flexx cabinets are available in 5 different sizes, which can be mixed and matched for operational flexibility.  Systems can thus be designed from a small 8 key cabinet up to multiple large cabinets with thousands of keys.  The system design is fully scalable and easily updated.  All the cabinets can be individually configured with a range of keypanels spaced for single keys up to large key bundles.  Panels are also available for ISO card assets. 

Access to keys is fully controlled and double-secured.  A user must be authorized access to open the door and then only the key(s) granted are released from the secure key slot.

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smart 4

Compact & space-saving

The smart 4 is a electronic key management cabinet with 4 key slots. The 4 key positions are able to manage single or multiple Keys. The smart 4 is elegantly simple: when the user presents his card, the system will automatically release only the keys that user is authorized.

The smart 4 may optionally be configured as a single compartment locker cabinet for other asset control applications.

The smart 4 offers operational safety with a built-in backup battery and a local database which continues to perform, even if the network or power fails. 

  • Secure and compact
  • Simple operation
  • Remote key release through management software

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keyPanelsISO 8 Panel


The right size for every key ring

Both flexx and maxx key cabinets can be individually configured for the required key ring/bundle size with the keyPanel family. All keys are firmly anchored. Access to any key is only possible with  appropriate allocated permissions and user identification. Whenever a key is removed or returned, the authorized slot will signal in red. 

The KeyPanels are available with different slot spacing. For  single keys or small rings, keyPanels with 32 slots have the maximum capacity. For large key bundles, keyPanels with 8 or 16 slots can be used.  keyPanels of different spacing can be mixed and matched in the same cabinet for optimal space utilization.

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ISO 8 Panel

Secure storage for ISO cards

flexx cabinets can optionally secure ISO cards with the ISO 8 Panel.. The panel has space for 8 different cards: any ID card, access card or credit card in ISO 7810 ID-1 format. The cards are stored tamper-proof and meet all access permission standards. For a higher security the cards may be RFID tagged.




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Operating terminal with credential card reader, keys and display

The proxSafe® C4+ terminal is suitable for user interaction with all Deister key management and electronic locker systems.

Users can verify their authorized identity via crendential card and/or by entering a PIN at the terminal and select their authorized asset(s). The proxSafe® terminal enables quick and easy take and return of assets.

Built-in storage assures transaction data is retained even in the event of extended power or network failure.

  • Multi-technology reader and keypad for user identification
  • Fast key and asset return via RFID reader
  • Easy operation
  • Intelligent power management
  • Illuminated keypad and display
  • Standalone mode in case of power or network failure

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Operating terminal with credential card reader and touchscreen display

The proxSafe® C6+ touch terminal combines simple and intelligent operability with the intuitive advantage of a 5.7" color display and capacitive touch screen. The C6+ terminal is compatible with all proxSafe® key management and locker systems.  Users can identify themselves via a credential card and/or PIN. An optionally available internal multi-technology reader enables the use of most existing access control cards for user identification.

Built-in storage assures transaction data is retained even in the event of extended power or network failure.

  • Convenient and intuitive operation via a color 5.7" touch panel
  • Quick and Easy key and asset return via built-in RFID reader
  • Multi-technology reader for user identification with existing credentials
  • Intelligent power management
  • Standalone mode in case of power or network failure
  • Display of any language characters (Unicode)

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keyTagUnsealing tool


RFID key fob

The heart of any key management system is the reliability and flexibility of the electronic tags attached to your keys.

Keytags are attached to a key or key bundle and then connected to with a secure one-time seal. The Keys on that keyTag can only be removed with s special unsealing tool providing an additional level of security. The keyTags each contain a uniquely identified RFID Chip.

The identification of each keyTag is thus completely contactless. Dirt and water have no effect on the reliability of the keyTag which is provided with a lifetime warranty.The keyTags are available in five different colors allowing quick visual group or security loevel identification in additional to the electronic identification. 

All accessories

Unsealing tool

The unsealing tool enables the easy and authorized removal of one-time seals on keyTags and keyRings.

With this tool there is no limit to how many times you can exchange keys on the keyTags.

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Benefits of our solution

Maintenance Free

RFID keytags

Your keys are individually tracked with an RFID keytag.  No matter how harsh your operating environment, the keytag will reliably identify your key.  With no metal to metal electronic contract required, no cleaning or maintenance of the keytag is required.

The reliability of these keytags is so high that Deister provides a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty on all its keytags.

Failsafe Operation

Built-in power and network backup.

Key cabinets will function uninterrupted despite loss of power and/or network connection.  

A built-in back up battery will keep the cabinet functioning up to 72 hours.

The terminals store event data until network connection is restored and the events are then automatically synchronized to the master database ensuring audit integrity.

In the event of catastrophic failure there is a manual emergency release function, to empty the key cabinet.

Status and Audit Reports

All Activity Electronically Documented and Maintained

All key cabinet events are stored and maintained within the Commander Connect software.  These include which users took and returned which keys as well as system maintenance and security events.

A large variety of standard reports are available in Commander Connect.  You can also see reports in realtime with the deisterCockpit application. The reports may also be sent automatically by e-mail as a PDF or CSV file. Specified events may be sent instantly with the deisterGo app.

Commander Connect software



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