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Deister Electronics was founded in Barsinghausen, Germany (near Hanover) by  Anatoli Stobbe straight out of college with an electronics engineering degree. 

1980 - 85

First steps

Initially an R&D services company, Deister developed and sold its first solution: an electronic Guard Tour system, rapidly beoming the market leader and the number one security guard management solution.


More growth, more capacity

Following several successfuly years of steady growth, Deister moves builds a new larger building to accommodate additional staff and products but remains in Barsinghausen.


Worldwide expansion starts in the USA

Deister Electronics USA is founded in Manassas, Virginia.. This new office creates the foundation for an international sales and service infrastructure. Offices in the United Kingdom, France and Canada are also established and in the coming years the international business will continue to grow.


Innovation leads the way

RFID becomes the exciting new technology.  Deister Electronics is at the forefront of this technology revolution, developing the world's first read/write RFID transponder--the technology base for all modern RFID solutions.


RFID becomes the core technology

Deister adds RFID Access Control readers to its product line and becomes the first reader company to develop and introduce 125 KHz technology which remains ubiquitous across the industry to this day and formed the basis for Deister's broad and powerful access control product lines.


New room for new ideas

Deister continues to grow and once again builds a new facility in with the necessary additional room for manufacturing, sales and R&D in Barsinghausen.


Deister Electronics USA continues to grow

Deister Electronics USA moves to a historic building in Old Town Manassas to accommodate the growing North American market.


The product line expands

RFID applications expand into a wide range of markets.  Included in Deister's expanding RFID offerings is an automobile immobilizer, a product that forms the basis for today's ubiquitous wireless car fobs.


RFID in pigeon racing

Deister adds pigeon racing systems to its line of RFID products and quickly becomes the market leader.  Pigeon racing is particularly important because it demands absolute accuracy and reliability with a notably uncooperative user--the pigeon.  The RFID industry pays attention and Deister notes "Never trust an RFID company that has not cut its teeth on pigeon racing."


RFID for vehicles and logistics

LLong range RFID using sophisticated UHF and microwave transponders and readers can reliably identify vehicles and supply chain objects over several meters.  Deister enters this market with one of the first fully self-contained reader/antenna units.

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RFID gains reach

In partnership with Intel, Deister Electronics develops a new RFID reader chip for long range identification in compliance with the newly released ePC standard.


Textile transponders

Deister Electronics invents the first RFID textile transponder with an innovative woven antenna that can be washed and integrated into clothing and other textiles including floor mats and lifejackets.


From electronics to mechatronics

Introduction of the electronic key lockers "proxSafe", which can be used to manage door keys, car keys and other items.

Deister introduces RFID Key Management with the "proxSafe" electronic key locker, the first step in a wide variety of Deister electronic asset management solutions.

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First Multi-Technology Access Control Reader

With access control identification technologies rapidly expanding, Deister invents and sells the first multi-technology reader with the ability to read both legacy 125 KHz credentials and the newer, more secure 13.56 MHz credentials.


Expansion to the far east

More subsidiaries are founded in Japan and Singapore to supply growing worldwide demand.


Digital locks

Capitalizing on the success of proxSafe, Deister introduces another mechatronic solution: "doorLoxx", a digital locking system consisting of RFID cylinders and locks, is launched.

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Security gets connected

Deister's growing electronic security systems become increasingly integrated. Deister's software--Commander Connect--begins to play a central role in Deister's new Connected Systems initiative.

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The second generation

Nicolas Stobbe, the second generation in the family business, joins Deister and increasingly grows the international business. Mobile devices including smartphones are integrated with modern control technologies expanding the Connected Systems capability.


Intelligent textile management

Building on Deister's texTag innovations,  Introducing automated textil dispensing cabinets and intelligent garment transponder management, enables automated control of dispensing and cleaning of work garments.

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Agile future

Deister introduces Agile tools and workflows to maintain its technology lead and high quality standards.


Deister Electronics USA expands

North American business continues to grow with new market potential. The USA operation purchases and renovates a new building with significantly more space for the growing team, project support and logistics. New product lines are introduced in the USA.


New event space

Deister adds a new facility for professional events with customers and staff. State-of-the-art lighting technology, a 5 meter wide LED wall, bold sound and powerful ventilation technology now enable modern, safe and professional events. The event space also serves as a permanent showroom where our customers can experience all products live.

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