Long-range identification TSU shown in field

Automated Vehicle Identification

Reliable long-range RFID identification with passive UHF technology for parking management and access control.


Identify vehicles reliably

Automatic long-range vehicle identification

Fast, reliable and automatic long-range identification (AVI) identifies drivers and vehicles in all weather conditions. Queues in access and exit areas are minimized. Ideally suited for parking structures, traffic management and access control. The technology can also be used in rail traffic, access-gated city centers, airports or toll roads. tranSpeed® integrates seamlessly with other control systems through many existing interfaces, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution. A wide selection of transponders is available, including robust heavy-duty transponders, self-adhesive labels for windshields and ISO cards that perfectly combine two reading technologies for both standard access and vehicular access.


cars identifications
Tsu entrance
ISO card transponder shown
TSU200 installed on parking garage entrance
Parking lot entrance with TSU200 installed
PoC RFID field detector shown inside a car
tsu 200 installed in parking lot
ISO card identification medium used
Windshield transponder shown

Long-range readers

TSU 200
TSU200 long-range reader shown

TSU 200

Compact, rugged long range RFID reader

The TSU 200 is a compact and rugged long-range reader featuring a built-in antenna for passive UHF transponders. The water-protected IP67 housing allows for indoor and outdoor use.

With a range of up to 22 feet, the TSU 200 is ideally suited for applications such as access control. Typical areas of application are multi-storey car parks, underground garages, parking structures, access roads to company yards, and many others.

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Bumper TagWindshield tagDriver credential
udc160_udc170_transponder shown

Bumper Tag

On metal RFID Tag for long range identification

The UDC 160 / 170 is a passive UHF transponder with EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol. The antenna technology used allows it to be mounted directly on metal (on-metal transponder) with a read radius of 180°.

The wide reading angle and the reading range of up to 15 feet are perfectly suited for applications in logistics, factory automation or vehicle identification. The UDC 160 / 170 is easy and quick to install on vehicles, containers, trains, etc. using screws or adhesive.

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tpu3082_tpu3092_transponder shown

Windshield tag

Long range RFID windshield tag with anti-theft protection

The TPU 3082/92 is a passive UHF transponder for vehicle windshields in compliance with ePC Class 1 Gen 2 standard. These versatile transponders have been specifically designed for vehicle identification and are therefore excellent for vehicle identification or other long range applications. They are easy to apply to the windscreen. The anti-theft design of the TPU 3082/92 means that it cannot be removed without rendering the transponder unusable.

Various security functions are included to ensure data integrity and prevent copying of the transponders. If the maximum reading range of up to 19 feet is not required, the RRD sticker for the TPU 3082/92 can be used to reduce the range to 66 % or 33 %.

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ISO card for driver shown

Driver credential

Dual technology credential for automotive gates and personnel doors

Our Dual Technology credentials are the ideal solution when the driver and not the car is to be identified. The driver holds the transponder card towards the long range reader and is conveniently identified without leaving the vehicle or stretching an arm out to a short range reader.

Our unique antenna design offers best range and performance, no matter how the driver holds the credential.

As a dual technology credential, it supports RFID technology for both the driveway and the doors in the building. So you only need one card for vehicle access to the premises and for entering the building.

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POCSIC Converter
PoC RFID field detector shown inside a car


Perfect installation

When installing a long-range solution, both the long-range reader and the vehicle transponder must be optimally positioned to achieve reliable detection. The patented POC is an optimal solution for this. It behaves exactly like a transponder, but it features an integrated LED which clearly shows the available communication between reader transponder, letting you quickly find the optimal transponder position and reducing a two man job to one.

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SIC Converter shown

SIC Converter

Compatibility with any controller

The long-range reader can be connected to virtually any controller via the SIC converters. We have already implemented a variety of protocols and can analyse and implement new protocols both legacy (Wiegand) or proprietary RS485.

You can continue to use existing controllers and switch to our long-range readers in a cost-effective way.

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Gate and barrier controller

The OCU 8 access controller has 8x I/Os and can connect up to eight readers. Thus, it offers flexibility for controlling one or more driveways, each controlled by one or more readers.

In the event that identification at the entrance needs to be possible via UHF transponders and also access cards, UHF long-range readers and HF readers can be operated in parallel at the controller.

The top-hat rail housing is easy to install, and the compact dimensions offer many installation options.

  • Connection of up to eight readers to 4x RS485 ports
  • Combined operation of UHF wide range reader and HF reader
  • Cloud ready
  • Offline capability in case of network failures

Benefits of our solution

two cables shown

Plug & Play

Quick and easy installation

The compact design with built-in antennas allows the readers to be mounted easily and conserving space. The connection is established via a rugged M12 plug and one combined cable for power and data.


ISO card transponder shown

Driver identification

One card for cars and doors

If the driver and not the vehicle needs to be identified at the entrance, our Dual Technology credential is the ideal solution. With its world-leading range and the combination of both RFID technologies in one card, you can operate both doors and vehicle entrances with the same credential.


Windshield transponder shown

Fraud protection

Data encryption and removal protection

A specially developed transponder design prevents the removal or concealed replacement of the windshield transponders. In addition, the data on all transponders is encrypted by the deister "smart frame" and protected against manipulation.




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