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What we do

deister electronic GmbH

Security & Identification Solutions

deister electronic is a modern and sustainably managed family business with more than 200 employees worldwide at 5 international subsidiaries.
Our solutions are used to secure buildings. With our systems, you can manage who has access to the building, record activities in and around the building and control how people are allowed to move within the building.

Our other division supports automation in logistics and production and enables the tracking of goods and pallets, in the sense of Industry 4.0.

  • Founded in 1978
  • Founder: Anatoli Stobbe
  • 100% Private ownership
  • 150 employees at headquarters
  • More than 200 employees worldwide

Security & Safety

Security systems and building automation

A number of systems are required to secure buildings and manage the access to them. The only way to ensure complete building security is to use intelligently connected security systems. All our systems can be centrally managed with a single software package.

Icon Elektronische Fachanlagen

Smart Storage

Securely store, manage and document the use of valuables.

Icon Event Kameras

Event Cameras

The intelligent all-in-one platform camera.

Icon Wächterkontrollsystem

Guard Tour Management

Complete documentation of mobile and stationary security services.

Icon Fahrzeugidentifikation

Vehicle Identification

Identify vehicles reliably and in all weather conditions.

Icon Digitale Schließsysteme

Digital locking systems

The right access control for every door.

Icon Schlüsselmanagement

Key Management

Keep keys organized and manage them transparently.

Icon Zutrittskontrolle

Online Access Control

High quality readers, controllers and other access control components.

Icon Handsfree Access


Automatically open doors with UHF transponders.

Ident & Automation

Solutions for Industrial Automation

The use of RFID identification systems makes it possible to provide more information about the goods movement, to increase production efficiency and to make global logistics more transparent - all in the sense of industry 4.0.

Icon Lageridentifikation

Storage location Identification

Automatic identification of carriers, goods and storage spaces

Icon Textilmanagement

Laundry Management

Centralised and decentralised management of textiles.

Icon Fahrzeugverriegelung

Vehicle locking systems

Increased efficiency through faster access to the loading area.

Icon Lageridentifikation

Logistics Identification

Built to withstand the harsh conditions of production and logistics environments.

Icon Werkzeuge

Tool Management

Intelligent decentralized management of tools and equipment.

Icon Abfallidentifikation

Waste identification

High level of transparency for fair accounting in waste disposal