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To Infinity
and Beyond

Our Infinity Reader™ series was developed to meet the changing demands on access control and today's security challenges - providing a single reader solution no matter what system or card technology you use today.  You are not locked or bound to other systems or technologies, thus leaving commercial and technical options open for the future, whether you are a system integrator or a system user.

Seamless transition from unsecure credential technology. The Infinity reader directly replaces your existing readers and reads your current cards whilst allowing painless migration to secure smartcards and mobile credentials.  Advanced tri-technology capability provides simultaneous reading of older 125KHz prox cards, 13.56MHz secure smart cards, as well as wireless Bluetooth™ mobile identification.

The reader is a powerful transition reader, allowing end users to easily move away from unsecure or hyper-propriety card technologies and systems enabling

a standard common credential to be used across their estate. By reading many major card technologies as well as providing connectivity for Wiegand and OSDP as standard the reader allows end users to decide the path that best suits.

To stay ahead of technology developments and new security risks all Infinity Readers™ support firmware updates and reader function changes – even when the reader is already installed and in operation.  Updates can also be centrally deployed with no need for an engineer to visit the reader when connected to suitable system.

With technology constantly advancing it is vital to have a flexible reader that provides interfaces and options to meet changing needs. The Infinity Reader™ series supports many simultaneous technologies, connecting almost any credential to any access control system.  To stay ahead the reader includes an expansion port for add-on modules to adapt to new technologies - it may be the last reader you will ever need.



attractive design

Tactile illuminated
hard button keypad
for everyday use


OSDP and Wiegand
without needing to
reprogram the

3 separate LEDS helps
those who are visually impaired

Infinity Reader Components

The beautifully designed housing covers of the Infinity readers can be individually adapted to your corporate identity. Whether in corporate colours and company logo or with spectacular full-surface printing and a tailor-made design - anything is possible. The standard color of the Infinity Reader cover is black.

In addition to supporting new transponder technologies via firmware updates, each of our Inifinity access control readers can be upgraded to completely new communication standards that don´t even exist yet by simply plugging in a small hardware module. The current access control reader also supports Bluetooth, which allows access authorizations to be sent from the smartphone via the RFID reader to the access control system without having to hand out a transponder to each user.

Tamper detection is one of the most important but most challenging features of any access control reader. The optical detection of the distance between the reader and the tamper plate sets new standards: the reflex light barrier of the Infinity readers cannot be tricked either by extraneous light or by inserting foreign objects. Any attempt at manipulation is reliably detected and the access control system is immediately alerted via OSDP or other protocols.

All Infinity readers from deister electronic are potted so that the electronics are completely protected from water and weatherproof. To ensure that the mounting plug is also adequately protected, we offer you an optional two-piece sealing set for our new wall readers to increase the protection class from IP54 to IP65. The sealing rings between the access control reader and the mounting plate as well as between the tamper plate and the wall prevent moisture from entering the connector.

Optionally 2 tamper plates (mounting plates) in different depths are available. The flat tamper plate for wall mounting the access control reader can only be used if there is space for a plug in a flush-mounted box. The deep tamper plate allows the Infinity wall reader to be mounted without a flush-mounted box. A small hole for the cable entry is sufficient. At the same time, the two tamper plates also form a secure counterpart for optical sabotage detection.

For the galvanically isolated connection of an alarm system loop, the Inifinity reader series optionally offers a tamper PCB for the flat mounting plate, which reliably detects the removal of the access control reader from the tamper plate. The sabotage detection of the additional PCB works independently of the reader and does not require a power supply.

As an option, we also offer a special tamper PCB for the deep tamper plate in order to reliably detect the removal of the access control reader from the tamper plate. If there is no flush-mounted box, an optional second switch additionally detects the removal of the tamper plate from the wall. The sabotage detection of the additional PCB works independently of the reader and does not require a power supply.

The second sealing ring from the set is mounted between the tamper plate (mounting plate) and the wall to prevent moisture from entering the flush-mounted box. This ensures that the electronics are adequately protected against all weather conditions.

Reading Technologies

The whole series

PRx 6
in Cosmic Black

KPx 6
in Cosmic Black

PRx 3
in Cosmic Black

KPx 3
in Cosmic Black

BPx 16
in Cosmic Black

PRx 6
in Astral Grey

KPx 6
in Astral Grey

PRx 3
in Astral Grey

KPx 3
in Astral Grey

Advantages at a glance

  • Timeless, architecturally attractive design
  • Surface or flush mounting (When wall back box is used)
  • Tactile and responsive illuminated hard button keypad version for everyday use
  • 3 separate LEDs helps those who are visually impaired
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • IP65 protection class
  • Interchangeable covers that allow customised graphics and logos
  • Sophisticated tamper detection
  • Simultaneous OSDP and Wiegand without needing to reprogram the reader
  • Reader firmware updatable, also over OSDP (Where system supports this)
  • Supports deister electronic´s cipherBox for advanced encryption key security
  • Supports all popular 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz credential technologies
  • Supports up to 3 credential reading technologies simultaneously (Triple Technology)
  • Add new technologies via plug-in expansion modules
  • Connectivity: Wiegand, Data/Clock, Magstripe, RS485, OSDP V2, deBus, deBus crypt Customer specific

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