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The next Generation Access Control Credentials

Secure technology, easy management and lean processes to transition from old credentials.

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Countering evolving security threats is now easy

Security threats continue to evolve. Technology has also matured and counters this increased risk. Yet most organizations continue to use legacy access control credentialing technologies. This presents increased vulnerabilities and the threat requires modern technology solutions that meets this dynamic threat now and in the future. Existing credentials, readers and controllers must be integrated, since replacing everything is logistics and cost prohibitive. 

How do you transition Casi-Rusco, AWID or HID prox to a modern secure reading technology?  You need a supplier that has the know-how and expertise to analyze your existing access control credentialing system and create solutions to manage the required transition.

Move your access control system to the next Era, choose deister to help you create and manage the transition to an optimally secure credentialing system.

What would you like to do?

Start from scratch and select the best technology


Start from scratch and select the best technology for your requirements

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Keep and integrate your existing credentials and readers with new credential technology


Keep and integrate your existing credentials and readers with new credential technology

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Replace your credential system while keeping your daily operation going


Replace your credential system while keeping your daily operation going

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Next Generation Access Control Credentialing Systems

Easy and secure Management of your Access Control System

With deister engage futureproof security; best-in-class product quality made in Germany; and fully integrated management of your system and its security. We adhere to best practices for secure encryption, to widely reviewed open standards and data protection,  and provide a new level of user convenience to employees and administrators. See benefits on the right side.

Our system design is a unique layered security approach using stringent best practices for data protection. deister uses only the current best open global standard technologies to offer the highest level of data and privacy protection such as Mifare DESFire EV1/2 (embodying AES) credentials and compliant readers; and OSDP2 as the protocol between reader and controller. Different options including smartframe, deBus and/or transparent reader mode offer additional security.

  • Secure Key Management of your system’s encryption keys, giving you complete control over the system while enabling easy management of readers and credentials
  • Mutual Authentification between the reader and the credential, providing best-in-class message integrity protection
  • Open global standards that are regularly reviewed, checked and verified by official authorities (including NIST) to offer you the most effective level of security possible
  • Proper implementation of technology and encryption embodied in a cohesive process design to avoid security breaches in the operation and management of your access control system


Smartframe® is a cryptographically protected data model for the secure storage of your user ID and further identity data. It is a portable ID that can be programmed on any credential, from ID cards, fobs or mobile credentials on your smartphone.

Transparent Reader Mode

Readers are, by necessity, placed in unsecure areas and offer an opportunity to break into the system. Take out all sensitive information and data from the reader; embed those functions into another device which is connected via an encrypted channel to the reader but located in a secure area, that is the cipher box®. The reader then works in transparent mode, it only channels through the credential’s encrypted data to the cipher box®, which decrypts the credential data and forwards the plain data to the controller. The reader no longer creates a vulnerability.


With deister you have the flexibility to select communication protocols and present a consistent interface to the access control reader. deBus is similar but a more secure option to OSDP and also works on a RS485 interface.