Intelligent automation and identification solutions for hospitals

Optimization of hospital processes

Key management, laundry dispensing systems and patient protection

Efficient process optimization in hospitals: proxSafe® key management, teXtag® laundry dispensing system and amanTag® patient protection from deister electronic. Precise access control, automated laundry distribution and secure patient identification for improved processes and increased safety.

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Laundry distribution in hospitals

Optimized inventory management

The laundry dispensing system offers hospitals an efficient and reliable solution for distributing workwear to employees. Fast and accurate linen distribution is of great importance. The textag system automates this process and optimizes the management of staff clothing for smooth laundry distribution. The aim is to optimize the stock of clothing at all distribution points and reduce the amount of clothing in circulation. This reduces costs and saves resources.

Laundry management

Key management

Efficient and secure management

The key management system from deister electronic is used in hospitals to efficiently and securely manage access to important keys (e.g. master keys for the building or keys to service and technical rooms). It enables the central organization and control of all keys, individual access rights for employees and detailed logging of key activities. The system increases security, simplifies key management and ensures a smooth working environment in hospitals.

Key management

Secure access control for hospitals

Digital access control systems

With state-of-the-art technology, doorLoxx® offers a secure and efficient way to control access to sensitive areas within the hospital. Thanks to the innovative system, hospital staff, patients and visitors can effortlessly gain access to the right areas while effectively preventing unauthorized entry. The doorLoxx® solution is based on state-of-the-art digital locking cylinders, fittings, readers and locks. The Commander Connect management software enables hospital staff to quickly and easily adjust access authorizations to meet changing requirements at any time.

Access control

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