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Intelligent automation and identification solutions for hospitals


Optimisation of hospital processes

Key management, laundry dispensing systems and patient protection

Efficient process optimization in hospitals: proxSafe key management, teXtag laundry distribution system, and amanTag patient protection by deister electronic. Precise access control, automated laundry distribution, and secure patient identification for improved workflows and increased safety.


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Laundry dispensing in hospitals

Optimised inventory management

The laundry distribution system provides hospitals with an efficient and reliable solution for dispensing workwear to staff members. Swift and accurate laundry distribution are of utmost importance. The textag® system automates this process and streamlines the management of personnel clothing, ensuring a smooth laundry distribution. The objective is to maintain an optimal inventory of clothing at all distribution points and reduce the amount of circulating garments. This, in turn, reduces costs and conserves resources.

Laundry management

Removing a keyTag from the slot

Key management

Efficient and secure management

The key management system by deister electronic is implemented in hospitals to efficiently and securely manage access to important keys (e.g., master keys for the building or keys to service and technical rooms). It allows for centralized organization and control of all keys, individual access rights for staff members, and detailed logging of key activities. The system enhances security, simplifies key management, and ensures a smooth working environment in hospitals.

Key management

Card is held against digital cylinder

Secure access control for hospitals

Digital access control systems

With state-of-the-art technology, doorLoxx® provides a secure and efficient way to regulate access to sensitive areas within the hospital. Thanks to the innovative system, hospital staff, patients, and visitors can effortlessly gain access to the appropriate areas, while unauthorized entry is effectively prevented. The doorLoxx® solution is based on cutting-edge digital cylinders, handles, readers, and locks.

The management software, Commander Connect, allows hospital personnel to quickly and easily adjust access permissions to meet changing requirements at any time.

Access control systems

amanTag Baby Monitoring Mother and Baby

Protection for newborns

Against abduction and mix-ups

The amanTag® system by deister electronic provides comprehensive newborn protection in hospitals, utilizing state-of-the-art RFID technology. With intelligent tags, hospitals can track the location and movements of newborns in real-time. The system allows medical staff to check the whereabouts of all babies at any time and receive immediate notifications in case of unusual events.

It reduces the risk of abductions or mix-ups and enables precise monitoring of the infants, ensuring they are always in safe hands. With the amanTag® system, hospitals have the assurance that they are providing the best possible protection for their newborns.

Baby monitoring


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Leverkusen hospital

Klinikum Leverkusen

At Klinikum Leverkusen, long waiting times at the laundry distribution are now a thing of the past. Since January, caregivers, doctors, and cooks have been using the "texRoom." Behind this is an RFID system that automatically records which items the employees retrieve.

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