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Hoffnungsgemeinde Barsinghausen

The Association of Protestant Free Churches in Germany has approximately 80,000 members.  We are one of these churches. In our modern community centre, members meet at a wide variety of events and activities. Alongside the joint church services on Sundays, there are, of course, also intensive personal exchanges in discussion groups on current and Christian topics as well as participation in charitable community projects.

But a day nursery and several youth groups are also part of everyday life. A functional building with state-of-the-art facilities is available to our members and guests alike.

Life in our community is very colourful and diverse, and there are many individual activities taking place at our centre. Alongside the room used for the church services, there’s a separate kitchen for our catering staff, for example, a café and, of course, other meeting rooms used by groups and individual members with their guests. This means there are lots of keys in circulation. There are also a number of valuable objects or equipment such as microphones, headphones and battery chargers, which must all be kept safe. In the course of time, it has become increasingly difficult to keep everything under control and thus provide the necessary security.

So, we started looking for a solution to ensure safe storage of our keys and other valuables. The right partner wasn't far away. Of course, we as Barsinghausen locals already knew about deister electronic and found a team there that advised us very competently. We chose a system that could administer our many keys safely and one that could be integrated into our IT infrastructure via a unique software. We also obtained a new solution for controlling access to the building and the individual rooms. Keys were no longer lost and were always available when needed, and if not, there was a display showing who had the missing key at that particular moment. This new security system has made our daily routine much easier, and we can concentrate more fully on our actual church activities.


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