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Laundry dispensing system

Automatic laundry dispensing system

RFID laundry dispensing system. Ideal for dispensing and returning of pool laundry, workwear and uniforms. 

Dispensing system for intelligent laundry management

Intelligent cabinet systems and room solutions for workwear and pool laundry

For laundries, hospitals, care facilities and the healthcare sector, supplying employees with workwear, pool laundry and uniforms is often a challenge. The textag solution is a laundry dispensing system for the central and decentral distribution, return and administration of workwear and pool laundry.

Individually planned room solutions function like a walk-in wardrobe. When entering and leaving the supply room, the clothing of the employees in the revolving doors or airlocks is automatically recorded and accounted for. The intelligent compartment systems (laundry dispensing cabinets) enable decentralised distribution and return and reduce time spent by employees to get new laundry enormously. 

Using the teXtag textile management solution you can automate the distribution, return and administration of pool laundry, workwear and uniforms and visualize the entire cycle of textiles: centralized as well as decentralized issue and return of clothing, the removal of used workwear to the laundry and the delivery of conditioned workwear.


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Real-time overview

Transparency throughout the entire textile cycle

Simple and fast

Garment acquisition is fast, parallel and uncomplicated. piece of cake.

Less shrinkage and loss

Easily control and manage access. every removal and return is monitored.

24/7 availability

System is always operable and off-line capable

Permanent Inventory

Fully automatic / 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

Cut costs

Determine real usage, optimize inventory, reducing the circulation quantity.

Intelligent UHF Transponders

The laundry knows where it belongs!

Each garment is labelled with a UHF transponder. This electronic identification enables the automatic management of clothing and documentation of its life cycle.

You can program our textag UHF transponders yourself with individual requirements, such as colour, size, washing temperature, date of purchase, etc. In this way, your garments can be identified and managed even more precisely and can also be identified independently of the central system.

All data stored in the textag transponder is encrypted and thus protected against manipulation. The 128-bit EPC data record enables maximum performance when scanning containers.

Intelligent textile cabinets

Decentralised laundry distribution and laundry return

The intelligent cabinet system comprises dispensing and return cabinets that locate the distribution and return of clothing and laundry where employees need it and thus reduce walking distances to get new or return used garments.

The intelligent cabinet system automatically identifies the user and the garments removed or returned and stores all transactions until they are retrieved by the higher-level system.

Due to the compact dimensions of the cabinets, only a small footprint is required for installation. So they fit everywhere and do not get in the way.

Particularly efficient: The cabinet systems can be used in parallel, thus avoiding waiting times.

Clothes dispensing and return cabinets

Flexible and seamless expansion for each supply level

texCabinet TCD 200 (Dispense)

The laundry dispenser cabinets are designed for quick access. Simply hold your ID card in front of the reader integrated in the door handle and remove the laundry in less than 5 seconds. Access permissions are easily managed by our software.

Product details

texCabinet TCR 50 (Return)

To return laundry, the user simply drops the laundry pieces into the opening of the return cabinet. The laundry is automatically identified by the cabinet. When the cabinet is completely full, the garment bag inside can be changed quickly and easily.

Product details

texCabinet TCR 250 (Return)

With the large TCR 250 laundry return station, up to 300 textiles can be returned. The return system is designed for all common laundry trolleys and is ideal for large systems with high circulation rates.

Product details

texRoom solution

Central supply room for workwear and textiles

The texRoom solution is individually planned and functions like a walk-in wardrobe. Entry and exit is granted through intelligent revolving doors or a gate, which automatically identify the garments taken by the wearer as well as the delivery of new garments. The room solution focuses on efficient and reliable detection of wearers and garments, as fast and efficient output is particularly important for many wearers in order to avoid waiting times and delays.

The laundry is simply returned using the return cabinets, which are placed in logistically sensible locations. The wearer simply deposits his laundry there and it is automatically accounted for accordingly.

The removal of new clothing is quick and easy: the wearer identifies himself with his ID card at the revolving door and enters the supply room, takes the desired clothing and leaves the room again through the revolving door - the removed clothing is automatically recorded and accounted for in the revolving door.

  • Simplest operation: wearers only have to identify themselves by ID card at the revolving door or gate, the garment detection is fully automatic as they pass through.
  • Extremely short process time: Garment acquisition is fast, parallel and uncomplicated
  • Permanent inventory - 24/7 overview of textile inventory in real time

Manage Textile Master Data, Pool Clothing and Quotas

Intelligent textile management at the click of a mouse

Laundrymanagement, allocation and administration of the wearers can be easily implemented with the Commander Connect software. The Commander Connect software offers a transparent overview of the laundry and garment stock at all times and you have an immediate overview of the life cycle of the garments.

The contents of all dispensing and return cabinets as well as the inventory of the room solution are always accessible. This way, the inventory can be clearly optimized and availability guaranteed.

Consulting and Planning

Perfectly tailored laundry dispensing for your needs

From the delivery and distribution of clean clothing, to the return and cleaning of used garments in the laundry - we will be happy to support you in the individual planning and implementation of a laundry dispensing system that exactly fits your needs and allows for transparent management.

Our focus is on maximum user-friendliness, reliable identification of garments and wearers and very low space consumption of the system.

Experience the user-friendliness and performance of our laundry output solution live in our demo room. Here you can operate and test all products and applications of the solution yourself, from the revolving door, the gate to the dispensing cabinet.

Please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation and demonstration.


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Case Sudy Pflegeteam Caselato

Case Sudy Pflegeteam Caselato

Modern textile management from deister electronic ensures the efficient use of high-quality workwear for the Ulrike Caselato Care Team.

Success Story Zahklinik Witten

Success Story Zahnklinik Witten

The first ‘Smart Cabinet System’ installed by Berendsen became part of the grid at the Dental Clinic of the University of Witten / Herdecke in December 2016. 

teXtag wins first international award

teXtag wins first international award

The Seguritecnia awards the laundry management system teXtag by deister electronic as the best marketed security product 2018 in Spain.

Project Inquiry

Project Inquiry (EN)

Project Inquiry (EN)