• Intelligent cabinet systems for workwear and pool laundry

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  • texTag cabinet systems for workwear and pool laundry

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Automatic laundry dispensing system

RFID laundry dispensing system. Ideal for dispensing and returning of pool laundry, workwear and uniforms. 

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Dispensing system for intelligent laundry management

Intelligent cabinet systems and room solutions for workwear and pool laundry

For laundries, hospitals, care facilities and the healthcare sector, supplying employees with workwear, pool laundry and uniforms is often a challenge. The textag solution is a laundry dispensing system for the central and decentral distribution, return and administration of workwear and pool laundry.

Individually planned room solutions function like a walk-in wardrobe. When entering and leaving the supply room, the clothing of the employees in the revolving doors or airlocks is automatically recorded and accounted for. 

The intelligent compartment systems (laundry dispensing cabinets) enable decentralised distribution and return and reduce time spent by employees to get new laundry enormously. 

Using the textag textile management solution you can automate the distribution, return and administration of pool laundry, workwear and uniforms and visualize the entire cycle of textiles: centralized as well as decentralized issue and return of clothing, the removal of used workwear to the laundry and the delivery of conditioned workwear.


Our solutions offer many complex functionalities. To understand your individual solution better and use it efficiently, we offer extensive trainings at our company or as a webinar. Register today for one of our training courses:  https://www.deister.com/e

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About TRSA

The international association TRSA, based in Alexandria, VA, is dedicated to strengthening and promoting the laundry, uniform and healthcare industry by promoting business-friendly regulatory and legislative policies.

TRSA supports the laundry, uniform and building services industries by building and promoting a stronger, safer, and more environmentally conscious community. In addition, the TRSA proactively builds the reputation of laundry service providers by sensitizing congress and federal agencies to the value and benefits of the industry.




Textil Service - WIRTEX e.V

The Wirtschaftsverband Textil Service - WIRTEX e.V. is an association of industrially managed textile service companies. Members from various branches of industry provide textile supply systems in the fields of workwear, hotel, restaurant and hospital laundry as well as cleaning cloths, floor mats, sanitary hygiene and industrial safety articles.

The association represents its members, is internally responsible for the balancing of interests and represents the association's interests externally towards politics, business, administration and the public. Furthermore, the promotion and preservation of fairness in competition is one of the tasks of the association.

The aim of the business association is to promote and represent the common economic and ideational interests. Beyond that, WIRTEX as a trade association wants to contribute to the fact that the location Germany remains internationally competitive with a modern work and social policy.