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Healthcare Solutions

RFID Healthcare Solutions

Management of Textiles, Access Control, Asset Tracking & People Protection

Healthcare Solutions

We understand that staff and patient safety is central to the healthcare industry.

deister offers a range of RFID solutions that improve security, reduce loss and lower administrative burden. Our systems provide transaction history, centralised control, self-service capabilities, and integrations with Physical access control and other business management systems.

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve access
  • Reduce risk
  • Support loss prevention
  • Reduce administrative burden

Protect your patients

Safeguard vulnerable patients such as the elderly, children and new-borns from being taken or wandering out the building with our patient tagging systems.

Create records of staff rounds

Ideal for security, maintenance and cleaners. Collect auditable data on staff attending key checkpoints with our proof of visit solution.

Secure your facilities

Control and monitor access to keys with our electronic key management systems or utilise access control systems with our wireless door locks.

Decentralised Distribution of Textiles

Smart Cabinets offering RFID inventory

Utilising the textag issue and return lockers allows you to optimise and decentralise management of your scrubs and linen inventories.

Textiles can be issued and returned in less than five seconds a simple one-step interaction. The system automatically identifies both the user and the clothing that has been removed or returned, maintains complete records locallyand remotely.

Check in/Check out of Textiles

texGate - flexible, mobile and robust

texGate automatically inventories linens and uniforms in laundry containers and identifies individual containers as part of container logistics. With flexible walls mean texGate does not require contact protection and is impervious to damage resulting from collisions with containers.

Once calibrated, texGate can simply be put to work at its position hanging from the ceiling. If it is in the way, it can be pulled up under the ceiling or easily removed and stowed away. texGate can be mounted everywhere allowing for maximum operational flexibility.

Centralised Distribution of Textiles

texRoom - Central Issuing of Uniforms and Linens

A central textile issuing identifies and records users and textiles quickly and reliably. Fast and efficient issuing is critical for a large user population to avoid long waiting times and delays.

transferGate is the entrance to texRoom and ensures that all textiles have been tracked. For both addition and removal of textiles.

Multiple texCheck stations may be added to increase the throughput of transferGate.

The right access control for any door

doorLoxx Digital Locking Systems

In traditional access control system each door is planned individually, because the requirements vary depending on the door‘s location and function in the building.

Our product line expands the options of access control with online readers, long range readers for hands free access, digital locking components in different formats and electronic key cabintes. With these alternative solutions access control can be cost-effectively expanded to all doors in a building.

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Physical key management

Although modern healthcare facilities manage entries through Physical Access Control Systems, there are often hundreds of keys for maintenance areas, lockers, vaults, and even master keys that can bypass electronic systems. Unmanaged keys invite theft, loss, unauthorised entry, administrative difficulty, and undocumented access. Your healthcare facility contains restricted medication, patient records, service areas, and many valuable assets. Key management provides an added layer of security, prevents loss, enforces key access policies, and reduces administrative burden.

  • Prevent unauthorised use of keys
  • Restrict access based upon time, days, individuals and more
  • Set up alerts for if keys are not returned on-time
  • Know who has what keys at any time

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