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Heritage Ukraine and REGEN Foundation

Barsinghausen, June 17th, 2022 – During a charity meeting on May 12th, deister electronic donated a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van to the relief organisation Heritage Ukraine.

Slavic Puzanov, President of Heritage Ukraine, and Petry Groza came from Romania to pick up the Sprinter, as well as donated tents for a summer camp in Romania for Ukrainian refugee children. The REGEN Foundation is helping a lot and both were happy that everything went so smoothly.

The van will be used to supply people in Ukraine with water, food, medicine, and other relief supplies. Even before leaving Barsinghausen, the van was loaded with basic foodstuffs such as oil, flour, rice, sugar and noodles as well as fresh water and medicine, also donated by deister electronic. Already in the first days of the relief action, volunteers delivered drinking water and food to the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions as well as to other crisis areas in Ukraine.

The charity organisation Heritage Ukraine was founded in January 2007. Their main mission is to help orphans, children in poor living conditions and children with disabilities in the Odessa region. Since 2007, they have developed into multiple teams that visit 18 orphanages every month. They have also created the LELA summer camp, which hosts more than 1,000 children every summer, and over 400 volunteers get involved in a variety of projects every year.

With the help of deister electronic, Heritage Ukraine can even better help people in the Odessa region receive vital support.

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