Acoustic cubes hanging from the ceiling

deister electronic donates acoustic cubes to Kita Wirbelwind

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Project summary

Kita Wirbelwind

Since 2012 there is the Kita Wirbelwind in Barsinghausen-Kirchdorf - since 2022 the kindergarten and the nursery belong to the Diakoniewerk Kirchröder Turm.

The Kita Wirbelwind consists of two groups: a cross-age group with eleven kindergarten and seven nursery children and a group with ten kindergarten children. New places will be available from August and September 2023. Children from the age of one and a half can be registered for the nursery group and children from the age of three for the kindergarten group.

The Kita Wirbelwind is housed in the premises of the Hoffnungsgemeinde. Unfortunately, the ceilings in this building are covered with wood, which causes an echo. The resulting noise level irritated both the kindergarten teachers and the children. With the acoustic cubes donated by deister electronic, communication within the premises could be improved. The Kita Wirbelwind thanks everyone who had contributed to the project.

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