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Giving meaning and hope to a life with MS

The Christian MS Network, with almost 300 members suffering from the disease throughout Germany, has been in existence since 2002. What is so special and helpful is that their communication and cooperation are based on their shared faith. Trust in God is a powerful, continuous source of strength to provide encouragement for our daily lives.

This is exactly the experience made by members, who have come from totally different churches and congregations and have either only recently received their diagnosis, or have already been living with it for decades, who are still able to work or must live in a nursing home due to their disabilities, some who have children and are well taken care of in their families and some who live alone, are shut in and sometimes feel lonely. A colourful, diversified and enriching mixture, which also manifests itself in our meetings. 

These half-yearly meetings held all over Germany are the highlights of our social network. The totally open communication and happy, relaxed atmosphere, where everyone is accepted and included, are great sources of comfort. The content of the meetings is not primarily centred on the disease, since medical information can be found in many places. Instead, the main emphasis is on spirituality and encouragement to celebrate life by singing and praying together. These are days for refuelling and enjoyment. For both MS patients and members of their families.

How urgently this is needed is confirmed by the enormous response and the long distances people are prepared to travel to get there. “I have not experienced this kind of joy for a long time!” is how one severely disabled woman sums it all up. “This day today will now carry me over the next six months – until the next meeting.” Or: “This is such a great blessing, to communicate directly in person and be accepted. I have experienced the fellowship as very close, genuinely loving and caring. That has done me such a lot of good!” “This is the first time for ages I have seen my husband with a happy, smiling face.”

Sharing the journey, sticking together and helping each other to bear the burden of this incurable and unpredictable disease with its many challenges is a source of strength that helps every individual to learn how to live with this disease.

As the Christian MS Network, we therefore greatly appreciate any regular financial support and sponsorship, which enables us to continue this work and allows us to subsidise the participants. Many helpers who are actively engaged in the meetings have already expressed their gratitude, saying how richly they had been blessed and what wonderful personalities they have met. They went home just as enriched as the MS patients themselves.

Giving meaning and hope to a life with MS – that is really worthwhile! And it is easier with mutual support.

Dr. Andrea Wiedner

Greetings from the Christian MS Network

Today I would like to send you a message from the Christian MS Network. In recent weeks we have been able, for the first time since the foundation of the Network, to give practical financial support to members in need of help, which has improved and alleviated their living conditions.

Thanks to your generous donation at the end of 2017!!!

It enabled us to subsidise the replacement of a pair of glasses broken as a result of falling, refitting a car for a wheelchair user, and the purchase of a vibration pad to improve a wheelchair user’s mobility. We were also able to pay for acupuncture treatment to alleviate an acute flare-up and for a pair of varifocal lenses. All of these expenditures would otherwise have been impossible or at least extremely difficult to finance.

The beneficiaries are very grateful and happy about this opportunity!

So we would like to send you many, many thanks once again! You have opened up a totally new perspective and scope for assistance in our community!


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