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deister electronic technology ensures dynamic warehouse management in Industry 4.0

Warehouse logistics digitisation expert Intranav has modernised the warehouse of a clothing wholesaler – and relies on TSU wide range readers from deister electronic.

Barsinghausen, August 10th, 2021 – With the support of deister electronic, our partner Intranav implemented a modern transport flow management project for the eCommerce clothing wholesaler TB International. The customer wanted to modernize their forklift fleet, digitalize their warehouse management, and make all processes clearer and more efficient - ultimately making themselves ready for Forklift 4.0.

Where previously time-consuming manual reading of barcodes on pallets using hand scanners was necessary, UHF wide-range readers of the TSU series from deister electronic are now deployed. In combination with special industrial RFID tags with sensor technology from Intranav, they ensure a fast, smooth, and synchronous flow of information and goods.

Intranav chose our long-range readers for the project because of their integrated antenna, compact design and IP67 certification. This makes them perfect for use on forklifts, where space is usually limited, and the working environment is often adverse.

The UHF readers are coupled with an RTLS, short for real-time location system, from Intranav. This combination makes it possible to map all important processes in a virtual environment - a concept called "Digital Twin". As a result, the system not only knows in real time which forklift is currently where in the warehouse and which pallet is at which storage location. Thanks to the networking, the recording of incoming and outgoing goods as well as the booking in the WMS (Warehouse Management System) is also automated.

In addition, the entire process can be optimized based on this information: Routes and material flows can be analyzed, and optimization can be tested virtually before they are implemented in the physical twin - the real warehouse. This makes route utilization and parking space allocation more efficient and faster.

In addition, there are also many quality-of-life improvements that help with further optimizations and a more transparent flow of information. For example, this makes speed and one-way alerts as well as automatic gate openings possible. All for better organization and more efficiency in everyday workflows.

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