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Wireless access control

Wireless , locks, cabinet locks and many other types for wireless access control, connected via network independent airLink® and Cardnet.


Wireless locking systems

Modern access control

Transition from a conventional door and cabinet mechanical key locking system to full featured access control.  Made simple and cost-effective with little or no wiring and no modification of doors or cabinets.  The digital locking components are battery powered and send data via radio frequency airLink® or via card data exchange.

Door components are available as cylinders, digital handles or single door control modules.  Updaters, controllers and wired readers can be linked for complete data and door security.  Full scalability from standalone systems to full featured access control with Commander Connect software.

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Offline locking components

ANSI fittingDigital lockSingle door wireless controllerDigital wireless cabinet lockDigital safe

ANSI fitting


The doorLoxx® DAHM1 is an electronic fitting specifically designed for US doors. It is compatible with typical tubular and mortise locks. The compact and timeless design integrates seamlessly into any environment. Both visual and audible signals provide clear feedback to the user, even in bright daylight. The fitting features an extremely low-power wake-up mechanism, ensuring a very long battery life.

A multifunction button on the inside can be used for special functions, such as privacy or alarm. The handle is compatible with two different types of standard cylinders, such as KIK or SFIC.

  • Modern Design with Long Battery Life
  • Visual and Audible Signals for the User
  • Multifunction Button on the Inside
  • Compatible with tubular and mortise locks

Digital lock


The doorLoxx® LFR 3 is suitable for controlling compatible motor locks, supported by the IOD 1 module. The solution offers optimal user comfort and easy installation without complex wiring.

The LFR 3 is simply placed on the door leaf over the KIK or SFIC cylinder and connected to the respective motor lock via a short cable. If a mechanical emergency opening is necessary, the LFR 3 can be removed, and the KIK or SFIC cylinder can be used.

The electronic door lock LFR 3 features an extremely low-power wake-up mechanism, allowing it to achieve a very long battery life. Visual and audible signals provide clear feedback to the user, even in bright daylight. Various control functions, such as the "Office Function," "Permanent Open," or "Toggle Mode," are integrated by default. Each operation, along with the battery status, is transmitted via airLink® to the airLink® Spot and thus to the Commander Connect software.

  • Easy installation and use
  • Visual and audible signal for the user
  • Modern design with long battery life
  • Optimal user comfort
WCU2 Door Control shown installed

Single door wireless controller

The doorLoxx® WCU 2 is an intelligent door control module. Similar to a controller, the WCU 2 offers multiple I/Os for connecting sensors and actuators in the door area, and an interface for connecting another Deister-compatible reader. Integration into the access control system is carried out like an electronic locking component.

The WCU 2 combines the features of the online world with the simplicity of electronic locking systems. In the standard version, a reader is also included in the WCU 2. For higher security needs, the WCU 2 door control module can remain as a control unit in the inner area, while an additional remote reader can be installed in the unprotected area.

  • Wired functionality with the benefits of wireless access control
  • Compact dimensions for easy installation
  • Existing door components can be reused
  • An additional reader can be connected

Digital wireless cabinet lock


Secure storage of valuables in lockers, cabinets or wardrobes - with deister electronic's reliable wireless electronic lock for lockers and furniture. The elegant electronic lock can be installed quickly and centrally managed with the Commander Connect software. Connect the lock and integrate into professional asset management software. In addition to common reading technologies such as MIFARE® DESFire and LEGIC®, the lock also supports BluetoothTM, which allows it to be opened with a mobile phone for convenience. In addition, the patent-pending power management system allows a battery life of up to 60,000 activations, which is twice as long as most other locker locks. So if you are looking for a furniture lock that can be used individually, is rugged and has advanced energy management system, then try Deister's DCL 3 digital lock.

  • Supports all common reading technologies 
  • Long battery life of up to 60,000 activations
  • Different levers 
  • Elegant design
  • Easy installation
tube safe

Digital safe

Remote secure storage of valuables

The battery-powered wireless Digital Safe is a rugged key safe for outdoor and indoor use. Its weatherproof IP65 housing is suitable for any environment. The Digital Safe is opened contactlessly with an access credential or via a mobile phone app - the reading technology can be freely selected and all popular reading technologies such as MIFARE®, NFC™ or Bluetooth® are supported. This means that the Digital Safe can also be seamlessly integrated into an existing access control systems and can be opened with the same credentials. The Digital Safe can be flush mounted, providing the best possible mechanical protection.

  • 70 mm diameter
  • Enough space for ISO cards and large key bundles
  • Independent of local network infrastructure 
  • Standalone ready
  • Weatherproof IP65 metal housing
  • Content monitoring

Wireless connectivity

airLink® moduleairLink® USB stick
airlink_modul shown

airLink® module

airLink® is a highly secure wireless connection that allows Deister components to communicate with each other. It can achieve ranges of up to 30 meters indoors and 100 meters outdoors. The ALS 20 is an airLink® wireless gateway for connecting electronic locking components. Each use of an electronic locking system within range is transmitted, along with the battery status, to the airLink® Spot and thus to the Commander Connect software.

To minimize wiring, there is the airLink® Spot with PoE power supply, the ALS 20 P. In addition to the normal communication of the locking components, there is also a so-called "heartbeat," which continuously monitors the functionality, battery status, and general presence of the components using the airLink® Spot. The query cycles can be flexibly adjusted to ensure operational reliability.

  • Long range with a stable connection
  • Optionally available with PoE
  • "Heartbeat" guarantees operational reliability
  • Establishes an online connection to the Commander Connect software

airLink® USB stick

The wireless airLink USB stick, the service software connects to the battery-operated readers. New devices can be configured or settings can be changed during operation.

  • No driver required
  • Configure and test devices directly on site



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