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New tablets for refugee children and teenagers

New tablets for refugee children and teenagers

Partner project with ASSMANN Büromöbel

deister electronic, in cooperation with ASSMANN Büromöbel, donates two gift boxes full of modern tablets to children and teenagers who have fled Odessa in Ukraine and have found refuge in Barsinghausen.

Barsinghausen, May 17, 2022 – The situation of refugees from Ukraine is and remains difficult, even when they have found safe refuge. Especially for children and their caretakers, who are accommodated in temporary accommodation throughout Germany, new problems arise daily in everyday life.

Access to educational and recreational activities is also difficult for the 49 orphans from the Kinderheimat aid project in Odessa, southern Ukraine, who are now housed in the A&M Hotel in Barsinghausen's Bantorf district in the Hannover region. Their accommodations are, as so often, not very suitable for children - and when they will move on to another place, or even back home, no one can say. Therefore, they were very happy about the 40 Apple iPads they received as a gift from two renowned companies in Lower Saxony as part of a charity event. The tablets are now always with the refugee children on their journey, and they give them mobile access to homeschooling as well as communication with the digital world.

Security and automation technology manufacturer deister electronic and ASSMANN Büromöbel, one of the leading manufacturers of furniture solutions for modern work environments, came together for the joint donation event at the A&M Hotel Barsinghausen. Karla Aßmann (ASSMANN Büromöbel) and Nicolas Stobbe (deister electronic) presented the tablets in two large gift boxes to the assembled children. Besides the thanks of the supervisors Olesja and Victor and the new, young tablet owners, there were many smiling children's faces and even a song sung by the children for all attendees.

For years now, deister electronic has been supporting the aid project Kinderheimat in Odessa together with the evangelical free church Hoffnungsgemeinde Barsinghausen. In the last 20 years a home for children in need has been built there. Due to the current threat situation, the children had to leave their home and, thanks to the support of the Hoffnungsgemeinde, were accommodated first on a manor in Großgoltern, and now in the A&M Hotel in Barsinghausen.