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deister electronic donates audio technology to the FESH

deister electronic donates audio technology to the Freie Evangelische Schule Hannover

Donation improves acoustics in the FESHs auditorium

Every school needs a good auditorium. While chairs play a very important role in an auditorium, nowadays a lot of technology must be utilized to make sure that everyone can hear what is going on during school events such as theatre performances, music events and everything else that is important for the community.

Experts from sound engineering and deister electronic had met with the school administration and developed a concept for equipping the auditorium with professional audio technology to provide the best acoustics possible. deister electronic supports modern Christian institutions with technical equipment like the FESH with funds from the donation budget. The professional equipment in the auditorium would leave most acoustic engineers in awe.

The school is still in the same spot where the first makeshift classrooms were built, in 1989. Today, the FESH includes spacious school premises and a gymnasium, with more than 500 students enrolled in grades 1 to 10 and some individual classes from 11 to 13.