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Efficient Textile Management for the Healthcare Sector Webinar

Free Webinar - Efficient Textile Management


Is your circulation of textiles constantly increasing? Do you have problems with shrinkage & loss of laundry? Are you desperately looking for a way to provide textiles efficiently?

Then participate in our exclusive and free webinar series in December/January and discover how deister electronic can solve your problems with intelligent textile management solutions.

The biggest challenge in textile logistics is to provide the right clothing at the right place at the right time every day. "The "supreme discipline" is to reduce the amount of articles in circulation and the time spent by employees getting/returning their laundry to save costs and thus have more time for the patient.

In the webinars, our experts Martin Hartwigsen and Ralf Vogelsang will show you what laundries and hospitals can do to manage laundry more efficiently. The webinar is available in German and English.