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The Future of Identification speaks UHF

Innovative solutions for new RFID applications from Lower Saxony for the global market

The technology company deister electronic looks back to a 35 year company history and many innovations in the field of contactless identification. At regular intervals, new technological developements are brought to the market, having a major share in process optimization in different industries. At the end of the 90s already, deister electronic launched an HF-based solution for logistics and high speed detection in the market.

In the past and also recently, deister electronic has shown a distinct sense for market developments and requirements and will present innovative and cost-efficient UHF solutions for logistics and industry at the RFID Conference.

"To know any time, where which pallet is located in the warehouse offers major advantages throughout the whole supply chain - from goods reception to the outgoing goods department", so Christoph Hötter, Key Account Manager at deister electronic and elaborates: "With a reader designed to be mounted on the back of a fork on a forklift, the UDL 100, pallets, tagged with a passive transponder, can be detected in the easiest way. As a result, a passive system can be implemented for real time location without the cost-intensive use of active technology." With around 250 million pallets produced every year - although not all of them are equipped with transponders - the market is growing, just like the need for future-oriented solutions that deister electronic serves with the robust UHF reader UDL 100.

UHF and Industry - Not a Contradiction but a Trend!

deister electronic wants to meet the increasing demand of industrial companies for UHF applications in guided processes with the readers TSU 100 and TSU 200 that are suitable for industrial use, says Christoph Hötter: "Up to now, short range detection has been an HF domain. However, UHF transponders have become way cheaper than their HF counterparts and UHF readers nowadays have more intelligent filter options so they are a cost efficient HF alternative in the industrial environment."


Fast and Simple Migration

UHF readers suitable for industry can be connected via M12 plug. "Since M12 plugs are a widespread standard in industry to connect HF readers, a UHF migration can be realized easily, quickly, and cost-efficiently", says Christoph Hötter.


SpeedLab: Source Tagging Made Easy

"In our SpeedLab we will impressively demonstrate with different patterns and applications how source tagging becomes possible with RFID, without the transponder becoming a foreign object in the product", Christoph Hötter looks ahead.


The patent polymer transponder by deister electronic

"The flexible transponder survives vulcanizing or injection moulding with up to 220 degrees Celsius. In a long-term test, directed by the EECC, Neuss, with different textile service providers, dirt-trapping mats marked with the polymer transponder were washed and dried significantly more often than it is common in practice - the transponders could still be read flawlessly."


About deister electronic:

The RFID specialist deister electronic offers custom optimization analysis and applications, as well as complete RFID solutions for mobile and automatic identification of load carriers, goods, and parking spaces in warehouse logistics and on industrial trucks. deister electronic is one of the leading developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of future-oriented RFID technology. Customer relations and cooperations with well-known enterprises from all over the world, as well as international distribution and service subsidiaries underline this position. The product range comprises hard and software solutions for all internationally established frequencies and technologies in the LF, HF, UHF, and microwave band.

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