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Partnership concluded between deister electronic GmbH and Ametras rentconcept GmbH

Barsinghausen, 19 June 2014 - deister electronic GmbH and Ametras rentconcept GmbH have become partners. deister electronic is among the world's leading RFID specialists in property security and access control. Ametras rentconcept GmbH is an internationally active expert in fleet management software and offers the AMS (Ametras mobility services) ERP software, the leading software platform for individual mobility. 

The standard version of AMS a comprehensive scope of industry functionality. The proxSafe key management systems by the RFID company deister electronic GmbH offer controlled management of vehicle keys and restrict access to authorized users. As part of the partnership, deister products have been integrated into AMS. In the future, AMS will handle vehicle sign-outs automatically 24/7 using key boxes with no need for staffing. This will open up new use cases and business models for customers in the carsharing, corporate carsharing, and carpooling arena. The classic car rental business can also use key boxes, for example at airports.

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