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Product Announcement - ISO 8 panel for proxSafe

proxSafe - the comprehensive and tamper-proof cabinet solution for electronic management of keys and valuables such as weapons, radios, mobile phones, laptops, vehicle documents and other valuable and sensitive items, is regarded as the leading security solution in all industry sectors due to its high quality, simple operation and continuous development. This solution is enhanced by the so-called ISO 8 panel, consisting of 8 card slots. In the future, security-relevant ID or access cards in ISO 7810 ID-1 format can be stored here in a tamper-proof, efficient and clear manner.

How it works 

If a user is authorized to remove a stored card via authentication at the terminal, this is optically signaled at the corresponding card slot. Now the user only has to unlock the release mechanism by gently pressing the card slot. The card slot retracts and the card can be removed. Upon return, the card is simply placed in the designated drawer after successful authentication and the user closes the drawer. This ensures that the card is protected against unauthorised theft at all times.


In the future, the drawers can optionally be equipped with RFID compartment monitoring to increase the security level if required. The card number of the stored card is also displayed and managed in the Commander software.


The ISO card panel is based on the deister electronic panel system and therefore integrates smoothly into the flexx system. From cabinet size flexx II 6U upwards, the panel can be used without any problems. The panel can easily be combined with deister electronic’s key or radio panels.

When is the panel available?

The first samples of the ISO 8 Panel will be available for beta sites from the first quarter of 2020.



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