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More efficiency in health services thanks to RFID

deister electronic is presenting RFID based solutions for the healthcare field at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Orlando

Barsinghausen, 19th January 2017 – Sophisticated and sustainable RFID based solutions for the healthcare field are being showcased by deister electronic at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition 2017, from 19 – 23 February in Orlando, USA. System solutions for the entire healthcare sector are in focus at the stand at the well-known healthcare fair. deister electronic automates and rationalises time-intensive and sensitive areas using modern RFID technology.

For continuous inventory and management of laundry stocks deister electronic is for example presenting robust UHF RFID tags for laundry items. Readers on hospital ceilings or in airlocks at storage entrances ensure system registration of issues or returns; the laundry is then monitored contactlessly throughout the entire use and return cycle. This also takes place in dispenser and return lockers with integrated readers. Intelligent lockers also monitor important stock and recognise automatically what has been issued and returned, or what requires replacement. The systems, which are being presented for the first time in Orlando, feature optimised processes, retained hygienic standards, together with reduced circulation and loss quantities, thus cutting the daily workload for staff. Within the framework of the exhibition, specialist visitors will be able to find out why such a system makes economic sense, and when the ROI is achieved.

Orderly organisation in key management is assured by contactless systems which document the issue and return of keys. An easily retrofitted digital locking system is ideal for those who do not want mechanical locks. For personal security, deister electronic has a wireless system in its range: BabyGuard protects against mix-ups and kidnapping of newborn babies; SeniorGuard ensures discrete prevention of dementia patients wandering off. Passive UHF systems from deister electronic with a range of up to seven metres ensure reliable asset tracking, for example for patients’ beds and medical appliances. All of the individual systems demonstrated can also be linked to form an intelligent system which can be administered and configured centrally using the company’s own Commander Connect software; data produced is collected centrally and can be accessed at any time. The output of individually configured reports is carried out in the form of email, print file, or export in different file formats.

You can find deister electronic at Stand 7847. Feel free to arrange an appointment today, so as to be sure of obtaining one of the much sought-after entrance tickets (as long as available).


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