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Efficient laundry dispensing in 20 to 30 seconds

UHF - RFID tags and revolving doors allow for efficient laundry withdrawal

Barsinghausen, October 24, 2019 - deister electronic GmbH from Barsinghausen, has equipped Klinikum Lüneburg with its laundry management system teXRoom. It manages the entire laundry cycle: from receiving cleaned workwear, through picking it up by the clinic staff, to returning dirty scrubs.

As an acute hospital of special care and academic teaching hospital of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), the hospital offers a broad medical spectrum - far beyond the borders of Lüneburg. Around 1,600 employees from a wide variety of professions look after the patients.

The teXRoom laundry management system from deister electronic now takes care of the workwear. All laundry items are equipped with a very hard-wearing UHF RFID transponder, which guarantees individual identification and assignment. In combination with the UHF RFID transponders, optimized antennas enable reliable detection of textiles in laundry containers, stacks or bags.

After delivery from the laundry, the workwear passes through the texGate, which records all UHF transponders and adds them to the current stock of the texRoom. Each employee enters the texRoom via a revolving door after identifying himself with his credential. After that, they can simply pick the right laundry from the shelf. When leaving the room, again via the revolving door, the picked workwear is recorded and assigned to the user account of the respective employee. The return takes place via a cabinet, which is also equipped with an RFID reader.

The management software Commander Connect from deister electronic automates the management of incoming and outgoing laundry and enables a precise tracking and transparency of all processes. The employees don´t have to confirm picking up the workwear. They only needs to identify themselves contactlessly.

"The positive aspect is that the time required to pick up the workwear has been significantly reduced compared to other systems or past times," praises Peter Hübner, Head of Transportation and Logistics. "This ultimately leads to a high level of employee satisfaction. We are completely satisfied with this solution, which we developed in cooperation with deister electronic". 



Wäscheausgabe im Klinikum Lüneburg 2019 Lösungsübersicht
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