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GIT SECURITY AWARD finalist 2020

deister electronics loxxIn qualified as a finalist for the GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD 2020.

Barsinghausen, June 17th 2019 - The deister innovation loxxIn is nominated as a finalist for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2020, in category E: "Security Management".

The new loxxIn solution from deister electronic for contactless release of computer monitors convinced the independent jury of experts with representatives from BHE, TÜV, VDMA, ZVEI and was nominated as a finalist in category E: "Security Management". From now on, readers, customers, partners and product users from all over Europe can take part in this year's voting for the GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD 2020 until August 23rd, 2019.

Which of the finalists will be the winner will be decided by the votes on the website of the organizer GIT Security & Management - The announcement of the voting results and the award ceremonies will take place at the international SPS trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany in November 2019.

"We are very pleased about the repeated "finalist" role of this highly honored award and we are very proud that we have convinced the GIT SECURITY jury with our solution that was nominated as a finalist. This reconfirms us in our daily work and shows that our security solutions have a big benefit for our customers", says Nicolas Stobbe from deister electronic.


loxxIn - More secure than any password

Access to a computer gives you access to data records, intellectual property and, of course, personal data. Entering complicated passwords is not a solution for permanent use of PC´s. It would be advantageous if one could unlock the computer screen contactlessly just by the presence of a credential. Both problems can be solved by using the same credential which is also used for access control. This login solution is fast, easy and the encryption of the credentials is much more secure than any password.

The loxxIn plug-and-play system manages the signals from two monitors, the connected inputs and the user interface (loxxIn desktop reader), so that only authorised persons have access to the computer.


Every vote matters!

In order to receive the highly decorated GIT SECURITY AWARD, the loxxIn system has to face a total of 11 competing systems in category E: "Security Management". Please help 
the innovation loxxIn from deister electronic to the winner's podium and take part in the online voting. deister electronic is grateful for your support.

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