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dataLog to Go - Notification App

With the new deisterGo app you can enhance the reliable service control system dataLog with a fully automatic app.

Each service is always in focus

Did the cleaning take place? Was the guard tour complete? Is everything OK in my building? In addition to extensive reports, the status and progress of a service on completion, you can now also be sent directly as a push message to the smartphone. Even documented events, such as a defective smoke detector, can be forwarded directly to a service employee’s smartphone via push message for quick repair. These and many other notifications can be configured and managed centrally in the Commander Connect software.

These new features are made possible by the deister Cloud. As soon as the employee inserts the data collector into the guardiXConnect docking station at the end of the service, all events are retrieved and sent to the Commander software in encrypted form via the deisterCloud. At the same time, push messages about events and the status of the service are sent to the apps of the various users, such as the completeness of the service in percent, the time when a service was started or ended or the events recorded during the service.

  • Direct and clear status updates
  • Freely configurable push messages
  • Highest data security - server location in Germany
  • Customizable content per recipient
  • For iOS and Android
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