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Coselec receives Merlion Award 2022

Coselec is pleased, humbled, and honored to receive the Merlion Award 2022 for "Connected Systems" at the Safety & Security Asia 2022 exhibition on November 16th, 2022, in Singapore.

Barsinghausen, November 16th, 2022 – Coselec, a deister electronic company, participated in the 20th Safety & Security Asia 2022 exhibition from 16 th to 18 th November 2022.

On the first exhibition day, Coselec receives the 13th Merlion Award 2022 for its Connected Systems solution in the field of “Access Control” from the honorable Ms. Sun Xueling, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Social and Family Development.

deister electronic's Connected Systems solution has a central management software called "Commander Connect", where all connected devices and systems can be combined and managed securely and efficiently to ensure fully integrated building security.

Commander Connect supports deister electronic solutions as well as a wide range of additional integrations with many other systems. With Connected Systems, you get solution versatility. Whether you have just one application or need to connect multiple premises, you can design each integration the way you want and choose how you want to manage it.

Commander Connect can provide comprehensive analysis and reports. It can be networked with mobile apps, e.g., the deisterGO app, which delivers mobile notifications and alarms directly to a smartphone. There is also another app called deisterWallet, which allows you to control access rights to doors, valuables, and keys, e.g., for fleet management, also by simply using a smartphone.

Merlion Award 2022
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