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amanTag - Asset protection

With keys it is possible to gain access to sensitive and security-relevant rooms or areas. Especially in times when the security requirements for companies and organizations continue to grow, it is important to know where certain keys are located or that keys do not leave a certain area.

Why secure your keys?

With keys it is possible to gain access to sensitive and security-relevant rooms or areas. Especially in times of continuously growing security demands placed on companies and organisations, it is important to know where certain keys are located and that the keys do not leave a particular area. With the amanTag system from deister electronic, in combination with our proxSafe system, you can rest assured that only authorised persons can take keys and these keys cannot leave predefined areas without knowledge.


The functionality

In the amanTag system, the transponders (asset tags) are very easy to attach to the respective key ring to therefore be localised. The corresponding readers (so-called „locators“) are placed at security-relevant entrances and exits in a position to monitor the respective area („virtual fence“). If a transponder then enters the spherical alarm field of the locator, it alerts it and sends information via UHF to the locator, which then triggers a corresponding alarm. This alarm can be rendered acoustically, visually or transmitted directly to any connected monitoring systems. 


Further benefits at a glance:

  • Very precisely adjustable alarm field with setting ranges from 1 - 7 m
  • Low shielding/reflection from surrounding materials, such as metal
  • Highly reliable identification, as transponders use 3D antennas
  • Automatic monitoring of proper function - transponders send a heartbeat signal every 24 hours


System components  

The system consists of one or more LCA 500 or LCA 700 locators and and one or more PSA 1 or  ATA 1 transponders. Every transponder entering the spherical alarm field and triggers an alarm. The alarm can be acknowledged by pressing the acknowledgement button on the PSA 1 transponder. 



The reader is installed in the respective zones to be monitored or on a door requiring monitoring. The active transmission radius can be set individually within a range of 1 m - 7 m to suit the environment. That makes it possible to clearly define the protection or monitoring zones. There are 2 versions available with different functional ranges: the LCA 500 T with a range of 1 - 5 m and the LCA 700 T with a range radius of 1 - 7 m. It is possible to operate the locator in standalone mode or in a network system. The modular design of the system ensures it can be extended at any time.



The PSA 1 semi-active personal transponders and the ATA 1 asset transponders are the main components of the amanTag system, triggering alarms and other actions as soon as they are alerted by the spherical alarm field of the locator. The PSA 1 personal transponder serves to control the system. Once the alarm has been triggered by an ATA 1 asset transponder, the personnel can switch off the alarm again with the button on the PSA 1, for instance. Version with loop for carrying on a key ring or to wear around the neck as a pendant.

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