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deister electronic celebrates the 40th anniversary

A pioneer celebrates its anniversary: Innovative power and groundbreaking developments continue to drive the RFID specialist forward.

Barsinghausen, 10th September 2018 – 40 years of innovation, quality and security: deister electronic GmbH celebrates its anniversary. The RFID specialist from Barsinghausen in Lower Saxony can look back on an exemplary success story: With trend-setting in-house developments, consistent innovative strength and the highest quality standards, the company has been able to achieve an international market-leading position in the areas of access control, electronic key management and protection of persons and valuables.

When it comes to innovative, automatic and, above all, secure solutions, deister electronic has always been and still is a step ahead. The family-owned company with a long established tradition developed many basic patents for technologies at an early stage that are widely used today. For example, deister electronic developed a basic patent for all RFID writing processes (RFID - Radio Frequency Identification), which is one of the core technologies for industry 4.0 today. In addition, technologies and products have been developed for many markets, such as the first textile and washable RFID transponder, the first electronic guard control system for security service providers or intelligent, electronic locker systems that manage work equipment automatically.

But not only technical innovations and high quality standards, both for products and the team, have made the medium-sized company successful, also its unconditional commitment to customer satisfaction. "They say about us that there is no deister system that doesn't work," states Nicolas Stobbe, son and successor of company founder Anatoli Stobbe. "We have worked very hard to achieve this image over the past 40 years - and we will continue to work on it for the next 40 years”.

For the future, deister electronic sees itself as a solution provider for secure automation in terms of building security, vehicle identification, equipment management and process optimization. "We don't want to restrict ourselves to specific industries or business areas. We are flexible. Our developments are usually very versatile", emphasizes managing director and founder Anatoli Stobbe, "and we expect exactly this versatility from our employees and our partner companies. Only by extensive know-how, many years of experience and advanced training on the latest technical innovations are we able to meet the demands of our customers".

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