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Automated textile management

RFID uniform and textile dispensing system - ideal for dispensing and returning pool laundry, medical garments, and uniforms.

Automated, centralized and decentralized textile management

Efficient textile management for uniforms and pool laundry

For laundries, hospitals, care facilities, hospitality, and the industrial sector, supplying employees with work garments, pool linen and uniforms is a challenge. With the teXtag® textile management solution, you can automate the issue, return and management of pool linen, work garments and uniforms; record and save the entire textile cycle: Centralized (with a room dedicated to textile issue) or decentralized (disbursement and return cabinets located throughout the faciliyt) issue and return of garments, the transfer of used textiles to the laundry and the delivery of refurbished garments with Individually configured room solutions including a walk-in closet. As employees enter and leave the supply room, their clothing is automatically recorded and accounted for in the revolving doors.

The intelligent RFID locker systems enable the decentralized issue and return of textiles and thus reduce staff travel times enormously

  • Enormous cost savings through inventory optimization
  • 24/7 availability of laundry stocks
  • Reduction of shrinkage and loss of garments
  • Permanent inventory and transparency in the complete laundry cycle
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Solution overview

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Laundry Distribution (Centralized)

texRoom, The Central Room Solution

centralized laundry issuance

The RFID room solution is customized and functions like a walk-in wardrobe. An intelligent turnstile, texCarousel, provides the controlled entrance and exit of this solution, controlling access and logging each removal of work garments from the room to the respective user. Fresh garments are conveniently delivered via the texGate using standard laundry carts. The texGate acts as an airlock and records the clothing in laundry carts so that the newly delivered clothing is recorded to the room.

Return (Decentralized)

texCabinets for Worn Laundry

decentralized laundry issuance

Laundry is easily returned to return lockers, placed in easy work locations. The wearer simply throws their worn laundry in the locker's drop flap. The is used is automatically read and logged by the locker. This seamlessly records the laundry cycle in detail in the system. You can see exactly which clothes are in use and can therefore derive your requirements and optimize your inventory.

Laundry Distribution (Decentralized)

Issue of Clothing through texCabinets

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Intelligent laundry lockers automatically dispense uniforms and other textiles at an appropriate set of locations throughout the facility. Thus you can save employees having to walk long distances to fulfill their requirements. As in the texRoom, each laundry removal is automatically recorded, logged and assigned to the correct employee.

Information and Manual Processes

Operating Stations for Administrator and User Assistance

Central control stations

texTag operating stations serve as information terminals; for recording fresh laundry when delivered from the laundry; or for manually adding textile items to a texRoom. The operating terminals offer a large touchscreen and simple user interfaces in many languages that require no training for use.


Cabinet systems for decentralized dispensing and return

TCD 200 (Output)TCR 50 (Return)TCR 200 (Return)TCR 250 (Return)TCR 300 (Return)
"TCD200 laundry issuance cabinet"

TCD 200 (Output)

Dispensing Cabinet

With its dimensions of 24.0 x 80.8 x 20.5 inches (W x H x D), the compact TCD 200 laundry dispensing cabinet is suitable for almost any room. The TCD 200 has space for 200 items of clothing. Each locker has a built-in access reader so that authorized users can acces their requirements immediately. Simply hold the user's RFID credential up to the access reader and remove the laundry in less than 5 seconds. Access authorizations are easily managed in the software.

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TCR50 laundry return cabinet

TCR 50 (Return)

Return Cabinet

With its dimensions of 24.0 x 80.8 x 20.5 inches (W x H x D), the TCR 50 return cabinet is particularly suitable for rooms with limited space yet offers users the best usability in the smallest of spaces. It is suitable for laundry bags. The cabinet offers space for approx. 50 items of returned laundry. To return laundry, the user simply throws the laundry items into the opening of the return cabinet. The laundry RFID tag is automatically read and logged by the built-in UHF reader in the locker.. When the locker is full, the laundry bag can be changed in just a few simple steps.

All cabinets

TCE200 laundry return cabinet

TCR 200 (Return)

Return Rabinet

The TCR 200 return cabinet is often used in larger premises with many users. Its dimensions of 51.2 x 84.5 x 40.6 inches (W x H x D) make it ideal for filling larger laundry carts. The locker can hold 200 items of clothing. To return items the user simply throws the items into the opening of the return locker. The laundry RFID transponders attached to the garments are read and logged by the built-in UHF reader. When the locker is full, the laundry cart can be changed quickly and easily.

All cabinets

TCR250 laundry return cabinet

TCR 250 (Return)

Return Cabinet

The TCR 250 return cabinet is usable in larger premises with many users. Its dimensions of 51.2 x 89.9 x 40.6 inches (W x H x D) make it ideal for large laundry carts. The locker can hold 250 items of clothing. Users can simply throw the laundry items into the flap.  The height of the flap can be adjusted in 3 stages and there is also the option of electronically locking the flap and releasing it using an ID card and reader.  The laundry transponders are automatically red via the built-in UHF reader then logged. If the locker is full, the laundry cart can be changed quickly and easily.

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TCR300 laundry return cabinet

TCR 300 (Return)

Return Cabinet

The TCR 300 return cabinet is used in the largest premises with many users. It differs from the TCR 250 in its dimensions of 51.2 x 89.9 x 68.2 inches (W x H x D) but is well suited for large, deep laundry carts. The locker volume allows the return of 300 items of clothing. The laundry items can be easily returned via the height-adjustable flap. The height of the flap can be adjusted in 3 stages. There is also the option of locking the flap electronically and releasing it using an ID card and reader.  The laundry transponders are automatically read via the built-in UHF reader and loggedr. If the locker is full, the internal laundry cart can be changed quickly and easily.

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Gates & locks

Access to the central laundry room

textag carousel


Turnstile Access Control to the texRoom

A secure turnstile for entering and exiting the texRoom identifies each user by means of an RFID credential and also records all removed textiles in just 5 seconds when leaving through the turnstile and automatically logs them to the employee account. The turnstile has an emergency stop switch, allowing the brakes to be released and the texRoom to be exited at any time including power failures.

All gates and locks

tranfergate for textag


Delivery of Clean Laundry

The transferGate is like a security airlock into the texRoom, which ensures that all textiles equipped with transponders are automatically identified and added to the inventory. The transferGate is activated via a motion detector or an access control reader whenever someone approaches the airlock with a laundry container. A green illuminated LED strip then signals that the airlock is active and can be accessed. This ensures that all textiles are properly detected. The transferGate can be used with all standard  laundry cart models, does not require any doors or other components that need servicing and therefore requires no maintenance. An air-permeable roof ensures good air quality in the transferGate at all times. 

All gates and locks



Exit and Loading Lock

The flapGate is an exit and loading gate for the texRoom. The flapGate ensures that removals by users and loading by staff are reliably identified and recorded. Any clothing removed is automatically recorded and added to the user account. If the user authorized quota is exceeded, the flapGate can prevent the user from leaving the room with excess clothing. The loading staff can also enter the room with laundry containers and book clothing into room inventory. The flapGate is installed directly at an entrance/exit door to the loading room and the authorization to open this door is controlled by the flapGate. On the room side, a flexible, motorized curtain controls access. Built-in LED bars signal access authorization to users in a simple way.

  • All-in-one solution for loading and as an exit gate
  • Requires little space
  • Fits seamlessly into the teXtag® product family
  • High user throughput

All gates and locks

Self-service stations

Manual input and status queries

tex check


Booking Station

The texCheck is a supplementary computer terminal for manually booking garments in and out. Up to 10 textiles can be manually booked in or out of the system to manage system details.

All self-service stations


Information Terminal for User Account Review

The texInfo information terminal provides for user account review. The user simply identifies themselves using an RFID credential and then receives an overview of their available quota and the clothing that is currently booked on their account.

All self-service stations


Booking fresh clothing on delivery



Collection of Clean Laundry

Fresh clothes can be booked in at the texLoad station. To do this, the fresh laundry is recorded at the texLoad and placed in a trolley for transportation to the warehouse or issue point. As soon as the trolley is filled, the recorded clothing in the respective trolley is linked to the trolley transponder.

Once the trolley has arrived at the warehouse, only the trolley transponder is recorded and the garments linked to it are booked into the warehouse accordingly. This is done via  trolleyScan.

  • Reliable, simple recording of fresh clothing
  • Simple, clear process

All delivery products

scanning trolley


Identification of Clean Laundry

The trolleys with the items of clothing that are linked to the trolley transponders are recorded by the trolleyScan and logged. The trolleyScan is often located in the texRoom so that the clothing is automatically booked into the texRoom as soon as the trolley arrives in the texRoom.

Simply push the trolley into the room and it is automatically logged and inventory updated - it couldn't be easier.

  • Reliable, simple logging
  • Automatic process without manual steps

All delivery products

Commander Connect Software

Central management software

General informationUser accountsArticle ManagementReports
Commander Connect software screen

General information

Commander Connect Options

The basic version of Commander Connect includes all the necessary functions, device licenses and areas for a simple system.  Additional device licenses and extension modules can be used to expand the software to fit your solution needs.

  • User management (individual users, groups, etc.)
  • Device management
  • Basic item management
  • Workflows to automate the system
  • Basic reports

Commander Connect software

tracking laundry inventory

User accounts

Commander Connect

Exact permissions can be defined by user or user group.  Individual user accounts show account balances at all times, providing information about consumption and the available inventory. Administrative users can see exactly who has taken out or returned what and when. Set flexible limits so that your clothing stock is used according to your requirements and all employees always have enough of the correct work garments available.

You can control who is allowed to take their work garments from which lockers or laundry rooms.  This ensures that there are no lines form in front of the dispensing lockers and that your employees have the shortest possible walking distances.

  • Individual accounts per employee
  • Flexible removal limits
  • Flexible admin functions if employees overdraw their account
  • Control of who can remove how much and where


colored laundry

Article Management

Commander Connect Software

Clothing items are created as articles in the Commander Connect database and can be precisely specified including by size, color, material, etc. You can create article groups to make allocation and evaluation clear and simple.

Authorizations (which user may remove what?) can be defined precisely. In addition to assigning which items may be removed, it is also possible to define where the items may be removed. For example,you can specify that all members of a user group may only remove clothing from the dispensing cabinets in their station.

  • Group items and specify them precisely
  • Reduce authorizations to certain locations
  • Monitor user accounts
  • Block issue if users exceed quotas
Reporting system Commander Connect"


Commander Connect

All textile issue and return events and items are automatically passed to the Commander Connect management software.  Flexible reports allow you to analyze specific data to provide exactly the data you require. Have reports sent to you automatically or displayed with real-time data in the deisterCockpit. From inventory to an overview (what is currently in returns), all data is available at the touch of a button - even logical queries such as comparing ACTUAL and TARGET stock, allowing you to act before availability suffers.

  • Flexible reports, individually adjustable
  • Logical queries and comparisons
  • Automatic real-time reports live 

Advantages of our solution

Laundry Withdrawal TCD50_2

In the fast lane

Fast, simple and efficient

The teXtag® system is designed for efficiency, security and speed. Our lockers are the only system that allow parallel access by multiple users and do not require a complicated  user interaction with keys or displays:  open, remove, close and go.

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For years of continuous operation

The true cost of a system only becomes apparent after some time in use - and then it is all the more expensive if the products break quickly or function poorly. Highest quality and innovation are our core competencies, which is what we have stood for as a company for over 40 years.

Consultation Planning

Advice & Planning

Your individual solution

Establishing the infrastructure and equipment for the delivery and distribution of fresh garments to the return and cleaning of used laundry - we will support you in the custom planning and implementation of a teXtag® laundry dispensing system that exactly meets your needs and enables you to manage your laundry transparently. The focus is on maximum user-friendliness, reliable recording of garments and garment carriers and minimizing the space footprint of your locker system.

Experience the user-friendliness and performance of our laundry dispensing solution live at any time in our demo room in Manassas, Virginia or with Teams online. You can operate and observe all products and application solutions yourself - from the revolving door and the airlock to the RFID dispensing cabinet.

Contact us to make an appointment for a free consultation and demonstration!



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