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Social Commitment

For a better world!

About economic and social responsibility

As a company in the western world, you enjoy many comforts. You are blessed with a well-developed infrastructure, enough electricity, clean water, well-trained employees and a stable political situation.

You have a responsibility to your employees to provide them with a long-term and interesting job and to handle the necessary resources for production, development and operations with care and responsibility.

In addition, however, we also see the responsibility and task with us to help people outside our company and to use our know-how and capital for social purposes. We want to make our contribution and help and support the people who suffer from poverty and hunger.

Selection of social projects that we support

deister electronic donates audio technology to the Freie Evangelische Schule Hannover

While chairs play a very important role in an auditorium, nowadays a lot of technology must be utilized to make sure that everyone can hear what is going on during school events such as ...

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deister electronic donates acoustic cubes to Kita Wirbelwind

Noise reduction thanks to acoustic cubes from deister electronic

The Kita Wirbelwind is housed in the premises of the Hoffnungsgemeinde. The resulting noise level irritated both the kindergarten teachers and the children ...

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deister electronic donates a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van to the organization Heritage Ukraine

Heritage Ukraine and REGEN Foundation cooperate

During a charity meeting on May 12th, deister electronic donated a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van to the relief organisation Heritage Ukraine. Slavic Puzanov, President of Heritage Ukraine, and ...

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New tablets for refugee children and teenagers

Partner project with ASSMANN Büromöbel

deister electronic, in cooperation with ASSMANN Büromöbel, donates two gift boxes full of modern tablets to children and teenagers who have fled Odessa in Ukraine and have found refuge in Barsinghausen ...

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Mountain bike youth team "CSM"

deister electronic supports the Dutch mountain bike youth team "CSM" with new jerseys

The year 2020 would have been the second year that the European Youth Mountain Bike Championships would have taken place in the Italian city of Pila. deister electronic GmbH supports the hard work of the Dutch mountain bike youth team "CSM" with new jerseys ...

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Heritage Ukraine

Children's relief organization "Heritage Ukraine"

Heritage Ukraine was founded and registered in January of 2007. At the beginning we visited an orphanage once a month and our first summer camp was held in a village with less than 50 children and 11 volunteers. Over the years God has blessed us and grown this ministry little by little as we desired to serve Him and His children.  

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Hoffnungsgemeinde Barsinghausen

Modern community centre offers a wide range of events and activities

The Federation of Evangelical Free Churches in Germany has around 80,000 members.  We are one of them. In our modern community centre the members meet at various events and activities. 

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The IAM – Outreach for Children

Projects for children and young people

Our aim is to help children and young people find their way and a reliable foundation for their lives. Especially in our time, with juvenile delinquency and the decline of values getting out of hand, we see the need to restore Christian values and standards. 

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ICF Essen

International Christian Fellowship

ICF Essen is a Christian community in the heart of the Ruhr area, which emerged from the dream of creating a church for people that is dynamic, close to life and at the pulse of time, in order to inspire people to live with Jesus Christ. Every week, many volunteers work with full commitment and enthusiasm towards this common goal.

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HCF Hannover

Hannover Christian Fellowship e.V.

HCF means "Hannover Christian Fellowship". We are a Bible-oriented Christian church. Our membership includes Christians from all denominations, but we address primarily people who have not gone to a church for a long time or never had any contact with a church. Our aim is to speak about our faith in Jesus Christ in the forms and language of the 21st century.

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Christian MS Network

Giving meaning and hope to a life with MS

The Christian MS Network, with almost 300 members suffering from the disease throughout Germany, has been in existence since 2002. What is so special and helpful is that their communication and cooperation are based on their shared faith. 

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return – a specialist unit for media addiction

Return to reality - Electronic media can be addictive

return – the specialist unit for media addiction was established in 2008 as a counselling office in Hanover, and it deals with all issues in connection with problematic use of on-screen media (excessive playing of computer games, consumption of pornography, inappropriate use of smartphones, 

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Help for street kids

In the Ukraine, there are tens of thousands of children living on the street. This is a very recent development, which started with the country’s independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Public institutions are very scarce and often in a desolate state, so many of these homeless children live in condemned buildings, cellars or also in district heating shafts during the winter.

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Diospi Suyana

A joint project for the Quechua people of Peru

In Peru, the descendants of the once-proud Incas (Quechuas) suffer from continuous social discrimination. For example, more than 80% of the Quechua in the Apurimac region live in extreme poverty.

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